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Bad Drip Ejuice Reviews

Being known as an e-liquid production line, Bad Drip E-Liquid triggered a great perception in the United States due to its exceptional mixture! Launched as the nectar of Gods or the baddest juice, Bad Drip came up with a bold attitude. With their ratio of 80 vg to 20 pg, Bad Drip Ejuice makes it ideal for sub-ohm tank or rebuildable mist drop whereas the concentrations of nicotine are 6 mg, 0.3 mg, and 12 mg.

Everyone behind Bad Drip knows that once the product itself attracts people's attention, so therefore there must be real substance behind it. In a field of competitive e-juice brands, the product packaging is of high-quality and they make it stand out from the rest by their quality and packaging. However, does this juice have the ability to turn the bad days into a good day? Let's take a deeper look.

Bad Drip Ejuice Reviews

1. Cereal Trip

In other juices, the nutty flavor is so strong that it’s like sucking fruity custard instead of oatmeal. This is a real milky flavor without the egg or nutty taste that you may experience with others. Although the fruity cereal itself is comparable to many cereals, but the basis of milk makes it completely different from all other juices in the industry. As a cereal vaper, it is best to try hundreds of juices otherwise you may have an incurable experience of sticking to one only.

2. Bad Blood

Recognized as a combination of vanilla, blueberry and pomegranate, it has a good consistency and perfect amounts. Considering this fact, you might not get bored easily by this vanilla-infused fruit e-liquid. More than that, this provides the right amount of vanilla, which can keep your fruit-loving-self happy. What we want to say is that vanilla can increase the sweetness without destroying the existence of the fruit itself which is a good change.

3. Ugly butter

With names like ugly butter, you might not know what will happen. The name may be incomprehensible but giving it the taste of bananas does a good job. We think that adding cinnamon spice to this e-juice will make it extraordinary. It is not an excess of cinnamon but it is enough to add this flavor to the fresh item.

4. Don't Care Bear

With this juice, you can get a light mixture of pears, melon, peaches, and a little gummy bear. It's tough to tell how pears and peaches blend together, making the taste buds speculate. The taste of pears is a bit strong just like pear juice will dissolve as thick as a pear. This is an unusual fusion of fruity flavors but it works in an unusual way. As far as we know, the taste of the gummy is mainly from the peaches in the mix but the fruit flavors (such as pear and melon) not only make it a universal gummy bear flavor that I really like but they also add flavor complexity to sweet gummy flavors.

5. Farleys Gnarley

Bad Drip took strawberry and kiwi to give them the taste of chewing gum. How about it? The point is, by focusing on the delicious fruits, the mouth-watering flavors, and the contrast between strawberry and kiwi, they have made this flavor one of the most fruity products you can find in the store.

The Bottom Line

One thing we want to mention is that the prices of these Bad Drip E-juice are a bit high. The entire range of sweeteners is very light - overall, this is a very interesting product line, and people of almost every taste can find what they want. Bad Drip is ahead of different brands, let’s hope that they will continue to expand the product range, start to have other flavors, and directly challenge other categories.


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