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Since the boom of the vaping industry, its popularity increased like a wildfire. In the beginning vaping was completely seen as a modish accessory which people added to their clothing accessories just like a watch to add more modish looks in their personality. Soon after that as the term vape got popular many investors started to manufacture the new vaping product and made new vaping companies for it. A decade ago vaping was in the early stages of development where new products were being introduced, researches were being conducted on the new phenomenon and as more and more companies joined it, soon it became a full-fledged multi-billion dollars industry. After so many inventions and the new products pouring in the market each day the vaping industry boasted itself on another level. Although the vape itself still was a lavish item, the vape industry then targeted the potential customers that are the cigarette smokers towards a more healthier product and some companies ran independent researches on health effects of vaping over smoking and almost all of those independent researches found that vaping is manifolds a safer and healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. While making the efforts of shifting cigarette smokers to vaping, vape companies especially juul, suorin, stig and many others started making more lavish and attractive flavors of e juice to attract more and more smokers. Although the convert rate was humongous, it also created another big problem in the whole country which was teen vaping. The youth was attracted by the lavish vape designs and eye-catching candy e juice flavors.

This countrywide vaping epidemic sparkled teen vaping in the whole US and they were attracted by the modish vapes out there in every attractive flavor possible from pina colada to mixed fruit and from lush ice flavors to mighty mango, it was these flavors and the sleek innovative designs that attracted the youth towards vaping. One can ask what could possibly be wrong in youth vaping its just the flavors and young generation can also get caught on smoking one day so it is not better if they get on vaping instead of harmful tobacco smoking. The answer to this question is in the e juice flavors because they contain an amount of nicotine in them and reports on the human brain have discovered that nicotine is although is an addictive chemical it also hinders the mental growth of adolescent minds and they cannot grow to the full potential. It hinders the abilities of minds which in the teens is in a growing phase. That’s why the teen vaping was raised as a serious concern by the parents and the general public of the USA. This vaping culture was incorporated in schools, colleges, and other teen gathering places. These concerns raised many questions about the laws that should control such youth vaping activities. FDA banned on teen vaping and in many US states the bar was raised to 21 years from 18 years. Since then it was uncontrollable because anyone can buy it above 21 and give it to a minor. Many brick and mortar stores and gas stations were prohibited from selling fruity flavors except for mint and tobacco vape flavors so flavors were suggested to be sold only from authorized vape stores. As this epidemic still has loopholes from which teens can get their desired vapes so many states have proposed a total ban on the vape products and many bills have been proposed by some states to totally ban the vape products. Another big question arises that is vaping not healthier than cigarette smoking the answer is obviously yes it is, so there should be strict regulations on selling the vape products and FDA has also proposed strict actions against the retailers who will be caught selling it to minors by revoking their licenses and this is the better way of stopping teen vaping. Vape industry also is acquainted with this concern and therefore they are cooperating with every organization to stop youth from vaping too early as we know vapes were made to give a healthier alternative to the people.


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