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CALI Pods, a new alternative to vaping

With the evolution of this new era, humans throttle towards perfection, with each passing day a new invention is being made and it is much better than its previous version. Same is also happening in the vaping industry, new products are coming and new inventions are being made to improve the quality and the tech.

As the market expanded in recent years and a number of people started producing good quality vapes now through much diversity, new advancements are being made in the industry and they are made in each sector, whether it is vape, pods, batteries, coils, devices and especially the ejuice.

Ejuices have always been modified and new kinds were introduced as well, the Cali pods have emerged as an advanced ejuice of the time. These pods are compatible with JUUL devices and are better alternatives to many of the ejuice pods. They have many products and almost every kind of accessory, they also have some elite quality eliquids for which they are famous in the vaping industry.

Cali pods have stormed the market with their ultra high-quality ejuice. With the expansion in the vape types Cali pods have also emerged as a leading ejuice producer for various types of vapes and their compatibility with the pods is up to the mark. As in the last 2 years, JUUL has populated the market with their products, CALI pods recognized the need of overcoming the shortages that might occur due to abundance in the market, so they started producing high-quality eliquid pods that are compatible with the JUUL devices. So in this way, Cali pods also made their way into the vape industry and now they are one of the influencers in the vape industry and their products are recognized as top-notch products of the industry.

They have the widest range of flavors and their compatibility with any JUUL device is exceptional. You can sense a freedom of choice when choosing from the bundles of flavors and you can choose any flavor pod that you envy more.

Cali pods offer a number of fruity flavors and each pod contains 5% of nicsalt and each pack contains 4 pods of the same flavor at a very reasonable rate.

Why people love to add Cali pods in their JUUL devices is because there are a number of attractive fruity flavors and they have some real ejuices that can give you a good nicotine hit with a rush of fruity flavor when vaped.

They not only offer fruity flavors but also they have a list of mixed fruity ejuices that crave the vape requirements of vapers such as mango mint.  You can expect what kind of ultimate flavor this mango mint pod will produce when vaped.

They offer their products all over the USA and here in Chicago Illinois  also, its demand is on the verge now and vapers are buying these mixed fruity flavors from our vape shop ashvapesmoke on regular basis.

Cali pods is the vaping pod of the moment  and although ex-smokers enjoy these fruity flavors alot but those people who vape as a hobby are in love with these exciting mixed fruity flavors.

Ash vape smoke carries big collection of Cali pods disposable for JUUL and we got the very good reviews from our customers especially Mango Mint. Order Here

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