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Cannabinoid or commonly known as CBD is one of the two main components found in the cannabis plant. In fact, it is one of the hot topics debated nowadays. CBD is preferred by most of the people over THC because it is less psychoactive and more effective. With the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana, new horizons have opened. It is extracted as a major component from the hemp. CBD has become more popular because of its non-addictive and well effective nature. It is non-psychoactive because it does not give you the “high” feeling while it gives you the more efficient effect of satisfaction.
Before going to how it is used, first, let’s see what it does so that we can get ourselves acquainted with it before actually using it. CBD is found in hemp of the cannabis plant and according to Food and Drug Administration (FDA), DEA which previously classified #CBD as Schedule I drug which meant it was not
accepted for medicinal use or could be abused but as of 28 September 2018 DEA rescheduled it to be Schedule V drug which means CBD has the lowest potential for abuse and addiction plus it had been legalized in many of the #USA states including #Illinois (#Chicago) and 22 other states.
Extensive research has been conducted on CBD and it has been declared a non-addictive chemical with very few or none, side effects. There are a number of methods of its intake and many products are available in the market for its use, such as CBD based lotions, patches(similar to nicotine patches), tablets, inhalants etc. and one of the most common methods of its intake is vaping cannabinoid oil extracted from the hemp through #vape or e-cigarette because of its non-combustible nature which makes it a better and healthier way to
have an instant effect of CBD.

It is a magic drug without any side effects, it is believed to be the treatment of many mental and physical illnesses, it is due to the anti-inflammatory features of this compound which reduce the inflammation of many body parts when treated with CBD such as chronic pain and inflammation of skin muscles to prevent acne. It is also used for the treatment of many mental illnesses and disturbances without having any drug effects, it is very helpful in reducing anxiety and depression and it lowers the blood pressure and also prevents from other heart diseases, during cancer treatment it is used to reduce pain and inflammation. Furthermore, it has a promising effect to contain epilepsy which is a genetic disorder. The daily users of CBD based products live a healthy life, they do not feel any kind of mental problem, they remain calm plus it does not have any addiction so the person does not feel withdrawn when not using it. The most widespread use of CBD is to treat any kind of addiction whether it is alcohol addiction or cigarette.
So you can #vape the CBD oil based flavors without adding any nicotine and it will give you good and smooth relief from many kinds of inflammations and pains and also it tends to soothe down the body from negative energies without actually initiating any psychotic effects and this is the most widely used method because this method doesn’t feel like a medical procedure rather it is trendy and modish way of taking medicine.

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