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Edible CBD Products (Gummies, Chocolate, Syrups and Lotion)

Cannabidiol or commonly known as CBD was first extracted from the cannabis plant in 1940 and the chemical structure was established in 1963. Unlike THC that is the main component of the cannabis plant. CBD is not psychoactive which means it does not alter the state of mind on using it. The medical benefits of CBD are well known now and the legal status of CBD based products is changed as now it is classified as schedule 5 drug by FDA which implies it is a safer compound and cannot be potentially abused. Since then huge researches have been made on CBD and a number of CBD based products emerged in the market. CBD has gained much popularity as the masses are getting acquainted with cbd benefits.

The first and foremost effect of cbd infused products on human bodies is the calmness and the soothing effect it creates on the body and mind. CBD and THC are both derivatives of the same plant but cbd has far more reaching health benefits without posing any addictive effect that is caused by thc on the other end of the spectrum.

The method of infusing cbd is widened as the research is expanding and a number of companies have introduced cbd based products and among them, cbdliving is on the epitome of making the best-researched products.

Cbdliving was established in 2013 with the biggest team of medical and research experts in making cbd based products. With the headquarters in Corona California, they distribute their cbd therapy products globally. Cbdliving based its state-licensed hemp farming and extraction facility in Colorado.

Different people have different preferences such as some people prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate cbdliving made an array of cbd intake products that contemplate with every individual's needs and requirements. Apart from the conventional cbd vape pen which infuses in the bloodstream directly through lungs, it offers a number of other edibles that are cbd incorporated such as cbd gummies, chocolates, cbd syrups, cbd lotions, cbd cream and cbd honey. Each of these products has a different dosage of cannabinoids. Cbdliving offers more than 62 products in over 2500 stores and also ship for worldwide consumers. Scientists working for cbdliving use the most advanced technology cutting a cbd molecule into its thousandth part using nanotechnology for its better absorption in the bloodstream to reach the target cells.

Now coming towards the products that are offered by cbdliving. CBD chocolate is made from hemp seeds and it is offered in 2 types that is dark and white chocolate, each with its own taste and proper cbd dosage on each bite. These delicious chocolates can be bought ranging from 22$ to 264$, these are lab tested well-standardized chocolates.

Cbd gummies are effective in dealing with substance abuse and addictions as cbd infused gummies dissolve instantly in the mouth giving a smooth soothing of body and these are offered in 3 tastes each with its own organic taste named as classic, sour and vegan and a number of flavors are available in a single gummy bottle such as cherry, lime, pineapple, lemon and orange. Each gummy contains 10 mg nano CBD and a bottle of 30 cbd gummies are available for 40$ and it best describes for those who are always in a hurry and love candies.

Cbd can also be infused through the original hemp cbd extract available in cbd syrups. They come in different flavors and everyone can use according to their own taste and are available in 2 kinds that is for night time and for day time. For night sleeping aid, cbd infused syrup comes in cherry and grapes flavor and both these flavors are available for day use also in Living A.M syrup. Each bottle contains 120 mg of nano cbd. The importance of cbd is already been discussed above how it relieves from pain, anxiety and other related issues without leaving any side effects.

250 mg cbd lotions are also availaable in three kind one is unscented without any perfume second is lavender scented and the third is eucalyptus flavored cbd lotion perfect to get the daily cbd dose plus treating the dry skin. Nano-cbd is absorbed through the skin to give relief. Each bottle costs 40$ and a soothing cbd fragrance is experienced.

Another edible by cbd living is the cbd lozenge which is for those people who workout or perform a prolonged physical activity or they are worried about their bad breath and this cbdliving sweet gum is enjoyed by keeping the lozenge in the mouth for 15 to 30 minutes. Nano cbd particles dissolve in mouth steadily giving a soothing pleasure and it is available in green apple and cherry flavor, both of them are delicious. 1 pack contains 100mg cbd and each pack has 4 delicious gums.

All of these products induce cbd to give relinquishing leisure to the users without any side effects as all ingredients in them are 100% natural and organic, full of flavors.


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