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POSH Was Not Successful - Posh Plus Made it Millions

Posh Disposable Vapes and Posh Plus Disposable Vapes

Today we are living in a time where no one is unfamiliar with the term vaping and almost everyone knows about the pros and cons of vaping. Moreover, the general public has started seeing it as a healthier alternative to regular cigarette smoking and this perception is built by many independent medical reports which showed vaping as many times safer than tobacco cigarettes and the tobacco-associated diseases were also seen to be preventable by using electronic cigarettes or other vaping products.

These reports encouraged many people around the globe to invest in something better and give some better products to the people. So the vape industry bloomed, it created a number of multi-billion dollar companies, quality products were produced by each passing year as the vape technology widened better and better vaping products started pouring in the market. Not only this, vaping became a separate phenomenon around the globe and the word vape and vaping was included in the Oxford dictionary.

Some of the products started later after vaping became popular and these products proved to be more efficient than the already available products in the market. Some specialized in making better flavors while some focused on giving more smoke and some tried to provide the best vape batteries that lasted longer. One of the major factors that blocked the cigarette smokers to shift on vape was the frequent need of charging the batteries, maintaining the eliquid or placing pods inside the vape. This hassle was the only factor that inhibited cigarette smoker to not to shift on vaping because they do not need fancy vapes to satisfy their nicotine cravings, instead they need something ready to use and can be easily kept without any risk of leakage or injury to the person. This problem was identified very later when many people wanted to satisfy their nicotine craving by something healthier but they could not find something easy and which can be used on the go. They want to save their time along with a good nicotine hit. This factor gave rise to many easy to use devices, from filling the vape with ejuice, pre filled pods came in, from recharging, again and again, disposable vapes rushed in the market.

Many new companies started getting famous for their unique products and Fuma Vapors also became popular for their unique quality products.

The company Fuma vapor started in 2017 and to fulfill the pod demand of the market for JUUL, it started making a variety of flavors compatible with JUUL devices. Still, the need for charging the device and changing the pods remained the same and still, smokers hesitated to take up on vaping. Fuma vapor to rectify this problem introduced disposable vape called posh. This Posh, Posh Plus and then Posh Prom by Fuma disposable vape comes in 1.5ml of ejuice content and 6% nicsalt ratio makes it the best choice for a good throat hit of nicotine. Vapers can use it on the go as it is disposable and need not any maintenance. Fuma vape came in recently in the first week of March so a high-end technology is used in these vapes to produce a satisfying effect for the vapers. It comes in 6 different flavors. Posh vape pen is expected to be the next big thing as it fulfills all the needs an ordinary cigarette smoker wants when satisfying the nicotine cravings.



Posted by Taz on

Love this product. I have tried my and this is definitely my first choice 100%! Great job 😁 very pleased.

Posted by Taz on

Love this product. I have tried my and this is definitely my first choice 100%! Great job 😁 very pleased.

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