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Due King Pluto 2 in 1 Number 10 Best Vape Device

#10 Due King Pluto 2 in 1

Due King Pluto 2 in 1 disposable vape device number 10

A sleek design one-time use vape device that offers dual flavors in a single vape. The best thing about this dual flavor vape device is either one can be used at a single time with its multiple inhaling pores on the device. This way you can enjoy 2 flavors distinctively in a single device without buying other pods for different flavors. Some of the key features of Due King Pluto 2 in 1 are:

  • Sleek design rounded edges and palm fitting exquisite exterior.
  • 4ml Nic Salt E-Juice capacity of dual flavors in a single vape device
  • 1000+ puffs per vape device.
  • Exciting and strong fruity cocktail flavors.
  • 6% Nic Salt or 60mg Nic Salt in each device is perfect for strong and soothing nicotine hits.
  • Dual flavors Due King Pluto offers separate puffs for each flavor in the vape device.

All these features make the Due King Pluto 2 in1 the best choice for all types of vapers to enjoy a premium vaping experience. Check out this exclusive vape and enjoy instant discounts Click Here

Available flavors in Due King Pluto 2 in 1 are:

  • Mango Apple Pear with Strawberry Lemonade
  • Icey Banana with Strawberry Cream

Enjoy a duo of flavors in a single vape device that not only gives the long lasting pleasure but also keeps the taste buds filled with amazement of fruity flavorful tastes.


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