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Effects of vaping on the new generation


Let’s start with the background of vaping, since the inception of vaping in  2007, its worldwide use has multiplied many times.Vaping was first introduced as an alternative to regular cigarette smoking and many smokers started vaping / e cigarettes as an effective substitute to their combustible tobacco smoke to quit smoking.This new concept of smoking became more and more popular on each passing day.

Today vaping has become a practical method of removing regular cigarette addiction. It is now worldwide accepted that vaping is way healthier and non-cancerous than ordinary tobacco. Some of the world’s best renowned medical research organizations have confirmed its non-hazardous nature and considered it many folds safer than tobacco.

Vaping and New Generation:

Effects of vaping on teen is more aware and more cautious of their surroundings as compared to the children of few decades ago. They are quite health conscious and the rate for them becoming tobacco cigarette smokers is quite low. They, on the other hand, don’t look towards vaping as an addiction, they simply see it as a vogue accessory of the modern times. Some use it for fun and others use it for its eco-friendly nature. The reasons behind vaping may be different for each individual but the younger generation is more critical in analyzing the effects of vaping and as it poses no serious health threats, they have accepted it and now it has become a trend in the younger generation. It has become a fashion accessory nowadays whether they use it or not they tend to keep it with them all the time. It can be used in any social setting because it is non-allergic.Vaping has become a craze in the younger people. Different designs and sleek styles in Juul and its accessories such as juul kit, juul starter kit,  juul podsjuul charger, juul juice and juul flavors attract young people, its use among people of teen age vaping has increased many times recently because of the new social trends that have started a wave of vaping among them, though it may not be the only reason for its utilization, the attracting flavors, and its taste has also played a major role in gaining popularity among people especially the young ones. There are other brands and new players taking the position in the market such as Cali, Smok and Procana. There is a huge variety of flavors in vaping and one feels independent to choose according to the taste and needs. This feeling of independence that one feels while choosing between the various tastes of different flavors attracts the young people to select the flavor of their choice for Vaping. Adding to that another major reason for young people attracting towards vape is it's easy to use technology and the long lasting batteries make it compatible for traveling. It is a craze of the new generation to keep a vape with them and use it whenever they need to show off some attitude or look more voguish from others. Some also relate vaping to a sense of superiority or to look more modish than others without harming oneself or harming any other person as in case of passive tobacco smoking. It is now considered to be a cosmetic product for the new generation and has become a status symbol in the society.



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