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Eight Distinct Vaper Which One Is You

A vaper is someone who vapes with an e-cigarette from multiple credentials. No matter how varied the vaping industry is, there are bound to be few that fulfill typical vaping stereotypes. Let's have some fun discussing the diverse category of people with a majorly five distinct vapers and recognizing if you fall into any of these. You can enjoy this blog to learn more about vapers that display different traits and you get to know some super remarkable vaping tricks to influence others by creating smoke rings and becoming a vapor breathing beast. 

Eight Distinct Vaper Which One Is You

Vape Enthusiast:

The person has reviewed more than 50 products and written multiple articles covering the wide aspects of vaping products and emerging batteries for the community to gain valuable insights about the vaping industry. These people have been ex-smokers for more than a decade and have experienced this change to a healthier alternative.

Cloud Chaser:

The cloud chaser is the one who loves generating clouds that have great volume. Cloud chasers often use e-liquids with a high VG. They never by any chance compromise on the density of the clouds and participate in competitions. Other determinants are lung power and capacity. Similarly, deep long hits will give abundant clouds versus shallow, short hits. You can go through our best vape mod for clouds to let you find the best vapor mod.

Flavour Connoisseurs

They have tasted mostly all the high iVG vape juices that tend to come in a wider range of random and exotic flavors with lots of fruits, sweet options, menthol & mint options. They can identify VG/PG ratios and feel the joy of experiencing flavors of their choice.


Most of the vapers are pulling off the tricks that are the coolest ones to impress your friends and on social media platforms to influence others with these tricks by uploading videos of their efforts. From smoke rings to tornadoes, they do it just for their own personal satisfaction. This trick involves blowing a cloud of vapor and then immediately sucking it backward.

Vapor-Breathing Beast:

The dragon trick has been widely popular in which the vapor blows out from both of the nostrils and the corners of the mouth. The most interesting trick is the ghost hit, which is done by taking a long pull of vapor but keeping it in your mouth – do not inhale. The vapor is let inside and slowly pushed out. As soon as the vapor leaves your mouth, rapidly suck it back in.  The Ghost Hit is used in more complicated tricks, so it's a great skill to learn at the beginning of your practice. With a few practice rounds, you'll be looking like a vapor-breathing beast in no time.

The Crazy Hoarder

Girls tend to hoard things when it comes to cosmetics and footwear, but  vaper takes hoarding to the extreme to storing vaping accessories and own bottles upon bottles of vape juice from vape kits in the USA. Flavor or nicotine level goes unnoticed. There seems to be a burning desire and strong urge to own them with their Google search history Vape shop near me to find the most exclusive products.

A Total Show-Off:

Vapers in this category can spend a huge amount of dollars to attain Best Vape Wild Ejuice limited edition to find vapor products online or bespoke products, and want only the best performing mods from best Vapor Websites and seem to be all too happy to show off their prized possessions.

Casual Vaper

The trend follower probably owns a vape pen that they don't hit very often. He/she has no idea about rebuilding coils or voltage drops, only knows how to refill a tank and hit that fire button—all of which are okay! We are a scroll down and swipe next generation so  can't fault someone for buying something interesting from vapor kits online.

You Fall Into?

There are so many vaper stereotype subsets out there that we didn't discuss here. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or a casual one, we offer vaping accessories with vapor products online and e-liquids to satisfy everyone.


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