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Future of Vaping and 2019

It is a known fact that with every passing year #humans gets older and older but in this #Modern Era where humans get older, #technology gets younger and younger with each passing year. There was a time when cell phones were introduced and now you can witness the mobile phones incorporating every new technological advancement and the pace of today’s tech is outpacing humans to keep up with them. Technology has affected each and every field equally; the same tech can be seen advancing into a better one on each passing year in the #Vaping industry.

Remember the first #vape that was introduced back in about 2007 and it was roughly the first time the word e-cigarette (#ecig) was heard by the general public although its existence dates back to 1965. Since the inception, vaping has changed drastically over time, year by year new changes have been brought in this industry and now as we are entering in 2019 we can have a look back how the industry flourished from the beginning and on what current standings it has now and what will be the future of this newborn industry.


There have been many challenges in the past regarding the #vape industry and this year #2019 will prove to be one of the toughest years too because of some of the reasons enlisted below:

  • The tug of war that is taking place between the legislators and the vape industrial giants on banning the variety in the flavors of #vapes to control the young generation so that they should not have exposure to some #sparkling #flavors.
  • FDA is already issuing strict regulations to control the Vape use.
  • There has been a suggestion to make the legal age of Vape buyers to 21 and most states and #villages have already implemented it.
  • This newborn industry is still in the #booming phase but the number of restrictions that are imposed is increasing day by day, it is a good thing to have thorough scrutiny but too many obstacles can derive vaping industry into dryness.
  • Although there are some of the flavors that are #nicotine free but due to its presence in many #e-juice’s it is not allowed to make advertisements and because of this reason the gap between the potential customers and the market is widening.
  • There are lots of challenges both from the inside and outside industry and these challenges are creating obstacles in the flourishing of this industry.
  • Another big challenge is to stop the young #generation from Vaping way too early in their #teenage because studies have shown the effects of #Nicotine on the adolescent minds and its growth so there is a need to enforce a serious prohibition of sale to the minors.


We can clearly see the improvements that have taken place in the Vaping industry and almost a #decade ago we can look back how the Vapes used to look and how short the #battery timings were, with the constant struggle to create the best Vape and the ongoing research many improvements have been made. 2019 is going to be the most critical though an advanced age of Vapes. Some major predictions in the improvements of Vapes are going to be:

  • More reliable batteries with fewer chances of the explosion and controlled #heating #coils
  • Variations in the #NicSalt quantity and also the introduction of nicotine free flavors
  • New and exciting flavors and tastes that can be good attractions in the #anti-tobacco drive and is proved to be the major plus point in converting #cigarette #smokers towards vaping.
  • Better #pods and better vapes have been introduced, #touchscreen panels, voice command functioning, #Bluetooth pairing, and #mobile control vapes have opened up new gates for this technology: huge improvements will take place in coming years. 2019 can be just start of this huge improvements
  • Since it is a new industry, now the #attitudes of people are changing towards Vaping as more people are viewing it as a better and #healthier alternative to the conventional #tobacco cigarettes.

In a nutshell, we can say that vaping will get more advanced in #2019, it may even become an accessory of #smartphones. Industry leader and legal entities should play their role to limit its use by young #generations but also try to keep this thing in mind that it is the best alternative to traditional tobacco and many times less #harmful than tobacco cigarettes. The industries itself is in a booming phase and there is much space for newcomers though it is estimated to be a billion dollars industry in the USA alone, and it is not too late to say that #JUUL has grab the major stakes in this industry. Continuous research both in technology and in the health side is needed to make it more and more #eco-friendly. With the legalization of #medicinal and #recreational #marijuana, another huge potential of the emergence of both these things may be created and you can be expecting some news about it soon.




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