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How Long Is e-juice Good For After Opening

Of course, every day people will ask about pod systems, vaping and all interesting questions related to e-cigarettes. E-liquids seem to be one of the most important constituents of vaping or e-cigarettes. The most common question is that “does vape juice expire?”. The answer to this question is yes. So, we suggest that you check the expiration date of each bottle to ensure safety. Buying e-liquids can be expensive and this is why we want to verify that you get the most out of every bottle.

How Long Is e-juice Good For After Opening














Will my e-liquid expire?

When different e-liquids run faster than others, we have set the validity period of all liquids to one year to ensure their safety. However, this is only our general recommendation. Many signs can help you determine if the e-liquid is damaged. Before using e-liquid, please always pay attention to the following points.

Any e-liquid changes its color due to oxidation which is the usual chemical reaction. It is a natural chemical reaction that does not change the overall taste or evaporation experience.
The shelf life of e-juice is about one to two years. The bottles of e-juice should be marked with the date of manufacture. Looking at the production date, it provides a benchmark so if the juice is stored correctly, it can last for two years.

How can You manage your E-juice or Vape Liquid?

Vegetable glycerin or VG is one of the major ingredients which is extracted from palm plants. Similarly, propylene glycol or PG has antiseptic properties, including antimicrobial and antifungal effects. PG is a very useful substance, and it can be found in everything from kinds of toothpaste and shampoos to asthma inhalers. When asked how long e-liquid can last, it is easy to see why e-liquid can last so long. This is so because the main ingredient is a durable and natural substance and that’s why it can be used as a preservative in other products! There are different ways which may make vape juice last longer. For example, you can store it in a cool place while this must be kept somewhere cooler than room temperature.

What Else?

Air Exposure and Nicotine

Nicotine concentrates respond to exposure to air and reduce the quality and effectiveness of the aroma. It is the spray additive that does not respond well to air therefore, it is important to keep the cylinder closed to obtain the durability and best quality. If you want to retain nicotine vapor for a long time then you must focus on the air exposure as well.

Thickness and Colors

The thickness of the liquid-vapor also increases when it gets old. Even the densest e-liquid will spread like viscous oil without any professional system. If your e-liquid is thicker than the liquid at the time of purchase, it may age without fully evaporating as the thickness of the liquid is an important part of the vapor quality.

Smells good?

You can't always say it but the e-juice is made from natural ingredients such as plant extracts or vegetable oil. These should have a light, soft, and delicious smell. If your nose gives you a warning signal while resting from the lost and found the office, trust your instincts. Our nose knows the smell of spoiled oil or rotten fruit. So, if you sit in the sun or the trunk of the car for too long, the nose will tell you.



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