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Hyde DUO 2 in 1 Vape Device

#7 Hyde DUO 2 in 1

Hyde DUO 2 in 1 disposable vape device best price new vaping kit

A new trend in vaping devices is 2 in 1 in a single vaping kit, especially if we talk about single-use vape devices, the trend is more common. Hyde DUO 2 in 1 functions similarly to other dual flavors single-use vape devices. The main difference that differentiates Hyde DUO 2 in 1 is its slim designs and dual slits. Each slit represents a unique flavor and is added at the top corners of the device. Inhaling through the end holes is easy and an intense flavor cloud is produced in each puff. It is reviewed by customers as a strongly flavored vape device. Hyde DUO 2 in 1 is more bent on the flavor side than on throat hits as the vape cloud is enriched in fruity flavors. A discreet sleek design can fit any pocket without being noticeable. The slim fit shape is colorful and gives an exquisite exterior look to the vapers. This compact vape device is a travel accessory that you can slip in any pocket while traveling without a backpack. Some of the best features that add to the elegance of this vape device are given below:

  • Compact ergonomic design giving an exquisite exterior to the vape device.
  • Dual flavors in a single device with two separate slits at the corners.
  • 370mAh built-in non-rechargeable battery.
  • 2ml vape juice capacity in each device.
  • 50mg of nic salt or 5% nicotine salt content per device.
  • Each pod lasts for 400 to 500 puffs and it is enough for 1 week of vaping.

Available flavors are:

Pink Lemonade / Cherry Lemonade

Blue Razz / Lush Ice

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Hyde DUO is a slim vape device that is offering multiple flavors in a single device and keeps the vapers reachable anytime anywhere with its small size.


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