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JUUL and EON Are Replacing Traditional Tobacco

JUUL as its name is a modish vape with a sleek design resembling with a #USB flash. JUUL is the latest design and it has become a global phenomenon since its inception in 2017. As for the old term of #vaping is also replaced by #Juuling after its widespread distribution. #EONSmoke is the name of the world’s leading #pod makers, they make all kinds of products related to vaping. #EONSmoke also introduced #JUUL compatible pods. These pods are disposable and can fit into the JUUL device and it is normally believed that a JUUL device is similar to a pack of #cigarettes but less contagious than them. These compatible pods fit into the JUUL device, their #nicotine percentage differs in each pod and it is commonly referred to as #nicsalt.

A variety of new #nicsalts in #podsystem have been introduced by EONSmoke compatible with JUUL devices and their percentage of nicotine is as high as 6 % which means a stronger vaping effect. It is not only the #nicsalt percentage that makes it want but the number of flavors and independence to choose from a series of tastes makes it more worthwhile to have it fitted for vaping in the JUUL device and creating tough time for tobacco industry. These pods are compatible and easy to use, users just have to put it in the JUUL device and #vape it. Pods are compact source of #nicotine because it is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes, so this little pod is better than a pack of cancer causing #tobacco #cigarettes.

If this trend is followed, #tobacco industry will face hardships and difficulties in sustaining current business position. The Altria's current interest in JUUL company is another signal for disturbance in tobacco industry.


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