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Since the inception of JUUL in July 2017 after it emerged as an independent company from the PAX labs, it emerged as a heavy influencer in the vape industry and the vape market. The rough total revenue of JUUL as of 2018 is 2 Billion USD and increasing. It accounts for two-thirds of the e-cigarette market.

It all started when two graduates from Stanford University James Monsees and Adam Bowen set themselves out on a mission to give a healthier alternative to the tobacco cigarette smokers in 2007 and for that they wanted to make an e-cigarette which satisfies just like a normal cigarette and launched their first e-cigarette under the umbrella of PAX LABS formerly known as Ploom in 2015.

Their first product was so good in everything that it immediately got followed up by the people and soon it became best selling vape brand in America and worldwide.

JUUL has become the iPhone of vaping, just like vaping for juul it is juuling now, it has become the phenomenon of time and its sales are huge and skyrocketed to 800% in last year, 72 percent of the vape market now is JUUL.

After knowing all this one question comes in mind why JUUL has gained so much success in just 2 years although the e-cigarette industry has been established for almost a decade now and JUUL seems to be a kid in front of it so what is the reason behind its success in such a short period, we will give you the reasons one by one here.

The first and the foremost reason of JUUL explosion is the sleekest design it brought into the market which was never seen before captured the eye of the users, its smooth and sleek USB flash design made it popular among all ages of especially the young ones because it attracted them to use it and feel COOL about it. Juul vapor has become so common that most of the individual now prefer to have a Juul starter kit with accessories such as original juul charger, juul flavors, Juul pods (juul pods refill and juul compatible pods).  

Teens hooked up on JUUL throughout the country because it seemed good and modish to use it as compared to ordinary cigarette smoking. It could be used in any social setting or in school colleges as there is no concept of second-hand smoke in it and plus it looked good to use it.

It became popular among the young ones and the cigarette smokers also took it up to quit smoking. JUUL primary targets were actually the smokers who could be given a product that mimics their smoking habit and satisfies like it.

Another big reason the brand is becoming popular among young people is the variety of candy flavors that JUUL offer in their vapes and for this reason, many people hook up on JUUL because they are attracted to these fruity flavors, currently JUUL is facing much scrutiny in this regard and some flavors are being banned to sell on brick and mortar stores in the light of notification issued by FDA and be sold only on recognized vape stores only.

Unlike many other e-cigarettes that were available in the market the JUUL made it easy to use by beginners which meant no fancy buttons or ejuice bottles that need to be refilled every now and then, it added portable ejuice cartridges and these cartridges could be replaced once consumed, so this way JUUL eliminated the inconvenience the ex-smokers and beginners faced while vaping and made a lot of customers on this issue.

The vape market was full of techy devices integrated with many functions but JUUL came with its simple and stylish device and captured the whole industry by the neck. They have become the power movers of the industry with such fortune they are now also facing many lawsuits and restrictions imposed by law enforcement agencies and many of their flavors are being banned in many states because of the epidemic widespread use of JUUL vape by the young people while JUUL founders are also helping to make strict policies for the young ones so that they could not take up vaping early in their lives.



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