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JUUL / VGOD STIG comparision

With the passing time moderation is taking place in almost every sector of life, nonetheless, the vaping industry is also not immune to such moderation, it has boomed in one decade and today it has become a multibillion-dollar industry with researches going on to make more and more better products. With the growing industry competitors are also giving tough time to each other and today we are going to look critically into the two top most competitors of this industry and yes we will be giving you a detailed compact analysis on their products. After reading this you will be able to have a better outlook on these products and will be able to choose what would be the best for you.

JUUL started out in 2017 as an independent company by moving out from PAX Labs and since then its growth has been exponential in terms of revenue it generated in 1 year alone. JUUL produced pod systems that are quite sleek and modish in their designs and are easy to use and carry because they are portable and lightweight.

VGOD specializes in making e-juices that have the best taste and VG/PG ratio with added nicsalt. STIG is also an e-cigarette production company which has specialized in making portable disposables. VGOD and STIG both have merged to produce a disposable vape that has the best e-juice in it and therefore named their product as VGOD STIG.

What are the main features that differentiate JUUL from VGOD STIG, we will be going through them one by one below.


VGOD STIG does not require any kind of maintenance because it is ready to use and vape when unpacked and when the content finishes what you have to do is pick another STIG and start vaping that is they are disposable and do not need refill or recharging the batteries.

JUUL, on the other hand, is considered to be a low maintenance vape as compared to other vapes because you do not need refill the ejuice, but JUUL device is not disposable and you have to charge the batteries and change the pods when their content is used up.


VGOD STIG is way cheaper than JUUL when a new customer buys it, it is almost half of its price but for long term vapers the price might get adjusted because the next time the vaper wants to buy the JUUL vape, the only requirement would be buying the pod only as JUUL has disposable pods but on the other hand VGOD STIG can only be used for one time and when it is used up it is not refillable and you have to throw it away and buy a new one.


Although both of them are portable and sleek and both of these designs are popular for their ultra-portability, in JUUL there is always the need for charging the battery and changing the ejuice pod, furthermore, JUUL design their product more like a USB flash while VGOD STIG can be used on the go and its designs resembles more like the conventional cigarette and smokers can have the feel of the conventional cigarette while satisfying their nicotine cravings.

Nicsalt Content:

JUUL pods have relatively less nicsalt content that is 5% of the total volume of ejuice pod and VGOD STIG has a higher content of nicsalt that is 6% by volume of the total content.


JUUL vape can be customized according to the needs and taste one feels to have for vaping, you always have the freedom of changing the pods and vape the flavor that suits you most.

In VGOD STIG you do not have such freedom so you will have to vape the STIG flavor that is available in your STIG unless you have another to vape from.

Both VGOD STIG and JUUL were made with the purpose of making vaping easy for the vapers and in that their primary objective was to make vaping easy for smokers who wanted to quit combustible cigarette smoking without getting into the hustles of configuration and all those obstacles that annoyed them while using e-cigarette so they came up with easy to use tech and they have been successful in their objective so far and both of these vapes are widely used throughout the USA and are loved by the people that come to our store in Illinois Chicago.

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