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Masari 2 Dual Flavors Vape Device

#9 Masari 2 Dual Flavors Vape Device

Masari 2 dual flavor new disposable vape device multi flavors

Masari 2 dual flavors is another long-lasting single-use vape device that offers delicious tasteful flavors. Rounded shape colorful design to cater to the needs of the vapers and to give the best vaping experience to the users. It is reviewed by most of the vapers as full of flavored aroma with perfect nicotine delivery mechanism. A modern device with double taste in one device, so vapers can opt for what they are craving at the moment. Unlike other vape devices, Masari 2 Dual Flavors offers 3 times more E-Liquid than others, so it lasts longer than most of the single-use devices available. Some of the best features are enlisted below to give an oversight of this vaping device:

  • Dual fruity and strong flavors in a single device.
  • 8ml E-Liquid capacity large 3x volume vape juice lasting longer than other similar devices.
  • 2500+ puffs per Masari 2 Vape device that keeps you up for at least two to three weeks.
  • 5% Nic Salt or 50mg Nic Salt content per vape device is optimum for all types of vapers and especially for tobacco smokers who want to shift to vaping.
  • Single-use vape device and without any need of refilling, recharging, or any customization like other mod-based vape devices.
  • Built-in battery system synced with E-juice volume for giving perfect throat hits.
  • A perfect combo of all the features.

The most wanted flavor in Masari 2 Dual Flavors is Watermelon Chew / Ice Grape Kiwi. Click Here to enjoy an instant discounted price and view the collection.

Masari 2 is a vaping wonder as it is optimal for many vapers who need a long lasting device to fulfill their vaping needs all the time. It will not let you run out of batter or vaping fluid anytime sooner. So if you are looking for something that can last longer than other available vapes, then this will be the choice worthy to make and the dual flavors will give you enhanced experience. You can change the flavors anytime.


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