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Mr Fog Elite Vape Device

#3 Mr Fog Elite Vape Device

mr fog elite disposable vape device available at Ash Vape Smoke

Since its inception, Mr. Fog kept the market charged with its ever-lasting fanfare and the modern designed based vape devices have kept the vapers hooked on vaping. Single-Use vape devices have been on the rise for the past years and Mr Fog has revolutionized modern vape devices with its unique designs that not only startled the vapers but also attracted smokers to quit their habits and shift to these easy to use products with no need for customization. Mr Fog Elite has been on the popularity radar and the reason for such a success story goes to the everlasting contents and the minimal design that portrays an exquisite class in the vape collection. Each Mr Fog Elite comes in refreshing color designs that reflect the vogue concept introducing the minimal modern notions. It comes on number 4th on the list due to the peer reviews and returning customers buying and asking about this Elite device. Reviews have shown the tremendous likeness towards the Elite version of Mr Fog and made it one of the most loved vape devices in the single-use products. The present popularity gazed at many vapers’ eyes and most of the people who tried Mr Fog Elite reviewed it as the best exotic vape device present with the most unique and delicious flavors. Apart from the minimal price and exquisite exterior shape, flavors coming in Mr Fog are numerous each having a taste of its own. Some of the best features that describe Mr Fog Elite are:

  • Each pod contains a 2ml E-liquid Capacity to satisfy the vaping needs.
  • Mr Fog Elite vape device gives 500 plus puffs per device making it a reliable companion outdoors.
  • 6% and 5% Nic Salt or 60mg and 50mg of alternating nicotine salt per vape device are enough to give satisfying nicotine throat hits.
  • Easy puff draw mouthpiece for convenient vaping and deep puffs.
  • 4.5 plus reviews and ratings on social platforms like Reddit and Google.
  • 420mAh battery capacity to give complete hits throughout the consumption.
  • Attractive flavors and vape device colors giving a luxurious classic look while holding.

There are numerous flavors being offered in the Mr Fog Elite and their delicious smoke taste aromatizes the taste buds with amazement. The flavors offered at Ash Vape Smoke shop include:

  • Cola Gummies 6%
  • Grape Blackcurrant Ice 6%
  • Mango Lychee 6%
  • Mango Lychee 5%
  • Pink Lemonade 5%
  • Red Berry 5%
  • Strawberry Banana 5%
  • Watermelon Raspberry Ice 6%
  • Cola Ice 5% (New)
  • Pink Lemonade 6%
  • Mango Peach Guava 5%

All these flavors are available at Ash Vape Smoke at best quotations. Click Here to learn more about Elite variants.


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