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New Eleaf Mini iStick Vape Mode Base Kit Best Compact Mod

Eleaf Mini Istick Cartridge Battery For Oils and Concentrates

Modern Vape Mod Base Kits by Eleaf

Mods have been around for a while and they are popular for their strong vape fog production features. One of the most talked-about feature of mod devices is their large and bulky size and it always felt difficult to carry huge sized vapes in the pockets all the time. Although the much smaller version of e-cigarettes came to market in the form of vape pens and sticks, they were not able to give such powerful vaping experience as the mods with high powered batteries did. So the vape industry tried to make a more compact version of Mod Vapes.

Eleaf came forward with the most powerful Vape Mod Base Kit design by the launch of Eleaf Mini iStick Mod Device which came with a number of cool features while maintaining the delivery of High Voltage to the vape atomizers for strong vape hits. The all-new base device comes with the classic metal exterior with digital display penetration. This base device comes with 1050 mah battery capacity and takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge. The metal buttons on the side of the device are located to increase or decrease the voltage according to the vaping mood. The digital display screen of this Eleaf Mini iStatic mod kit shows the voltage and the remaining battery usage for the mod.

Special Metal Design:

This invigorating Vape base kit comes with shiny Metal surface design. Blue and Purple eye-catching colors starter kit comes with Vogue curved texture which feels good in the palm while vaping.

Mini Mod: 

This 52 mm Mod base fits in hand and the discreet size makes it a good travel vape accessory to take anywhere without caring about the size. Despite the small size, Eleaf has not compromised on the performance. It gives the same vaping experience as any other Vape Mod Device. Carry it in your pockets and with the 5 click start technology, you will not be worried about its auto start as other vapes do.

Long-Lasting Vape Mod:

The battery capacity and output power of this Mod Base is adjustable according to the vaping requirements with the help of buttons on the side of the device. It has Power up to 10 W which is really good for strong vapers and especially for those who thinking to quit smoking. It is made for all type of vapers from starters to pro vapers who look for thick clouds and strong nicotine hits in their vape.

Usage Recommendations:

It is recommended to use GS16S with a standard Eleaf Mini iStick Mod Base Device Kit because both the vape products are proportionate to each other and the aesthetic view of both of these to form a complete vape mod looks really attractive to eyes. When fit together, the complete vape is firm to carry and pockets all the time. Plus it can be used in any social settings due to its discreet and compact vape design.

If you are looking for a small vape to enjoy the full vaping experience as a starter kit or you are a pro vaper looking for a compact device then this Eliquid Mini IStic Vape Mod Kit is the best device to suit your vaping needs in 2020.


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