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Nicotine overdose & vaping: myths and facts you need to know

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By whom was it decided that ‘30 to 60mg of nicotine’ is hazardous to your health? Similarly who claimed that nicotine is more toxic and dangerous than cyanide? These are certain myths prevalent among people regarding nicotine and its usage. It is high time we change our notion about it.

Over dosage of any substance is harmful, so is the case with nicotine. And it is also clear that vaping or smoking supplies a huge amount of nicotine to the body. So let us make it clear and shed the myths related to vaping and over dosage of nicotine. 

It is assumed or believed that 30 to 60mg of nicotine is the poisonous measure of nicotine intake. When it comes to smoking, this might seem like a huge dosage for the intake. But we also fail to realize that, our body can process this substance instantly and promptly. That is, nicotine gets reduced in our body after two hours. Hence, this proves that a dosage within 30 to 60mg of nicotine is not harmful and can be taken in one go.

Research conducted by Bernd Mayer also proves that the above-mentioned dosage or measure as the toxic amount is unjustifiable. His paper showcases several cases where people have consumed enormous quantity of nicotine with just minimal symptoms. Apart from that, it was also found that people who died from nicotine had consumed a dosage of about 20 times the standard toxic amount of ‘30 to 60mg’. With these observations, Mayer reconsiders the toxic amount from ‘30 to 60mg’ to 500 to 1000mg. 

The question remains as to how 30 to 60mg remains as the basic measurement of the toxic intake of nicotine. To this Mayer gives us the answers from “circular and often misleading references” a 1906 textbook from a German toxicologist. This was also used as Mayer’s source for references to his study and conclusions. Well, Posh plus XL like vaping products safer to use and for the users, it’s not providing better comfort.

The aforementioned source tells us that 30 to 60mg of nicotine is considered to be the toxic measurement. Unfortunately, there are no other shreds of evidence to point out why the above mentioned stipulated amount was taken as the toxic amount. It was assumed so based on some assumptions and the verbatim came to be reiterated till date even after the advancements of the medical field. The only experiment conducted was, some self-experiments carried out in which the participants were given an equal amount of nicotine and ended up in the loss of consciousness and seizures. This observation proves to be wrong as chain smokers would regularly have seizures and loss of consciousness which leads to the conclusion that there might have an error in measuring the dosage then.

Which also proves that 30 to 60mg of nicotine is not hazardous and nicotine is not at all more dangerous than cyanide. Thus shatter all the myths regarding nicotine and its intake and follow the facts.




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