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Nicotine Salt Ejuice Vs. Regular Ejuice

Nicotine Salt Vs Freebase Eliquid - A details insight on e-juices and nicotine levels

In the world of vaping every day, a new invention is taking place, new and better type of vapes are launched with advanced vaping experiences. In the beginning, the ejuices that were being used in vapes were mostly nicotine base ejuice in which nicotine was added in a fixed ratio of vegetable glycerin VG and propylene glycol PG. This nicotine was added in the purest form of nicotine extracted and this source is the conventional source of nicotine that was used for centuries by Phillip Morris in cigarettes to deliver a better nicotine hit to the customers and that is the reason many people get hooked up on cigarettes. Vaping industry understood this aspect and large ohm tanks were made which could fill up to 5 ml of nicotine base ejuice. The vapers who wanted to have a good satisfactory nicotine throat hit to calm down the nicotine cravings were getting a harsh throat hit and those who wanted to enjoy the big foggy smoke were feeling quite good with it.

Although vaping is a hobby to many people but there are a huge number of people who have shifted towards vaping as a better alternative to conventional cigarettes and for them this harsh throat hit was unpleasant. Regular ejuice or freebase ejuice is in the purest form and due to which it tends to have higher ph value which causes such harsh effect on the throat. Researchers found the reason for this harsh throat hit and produced nicotine salt ejuice recipe. Nicotine salt ejuice is the extracted nicotine from tobacco leaves and it needs a relatively high temperature to burn and have a satisfactory smooth and calming throat hit.

Nic salt or nicotine salts are extracted originally from tobacco leaves so the vapers can feel the smooth original nicotine hit and for reducing the harshness benzoic acid is added to the ejuice recipe and it is the proper ejuice additive that diminishes harshness. It reduces the high ph level of ejuice and promotes a more effective nicotine hit and further it lowers the burning temperature of nicsalt to create a more satisfactory vaping experience.

Everyting comes with the good and bad and the good of nicsalt is it gives vapers a calming smooth nicotine throat hit further it

A vape that looks like a pen and a vape that looks like JUUL is more likely to be a nicsalt containing vape pen and these vapes are cheap as compared to the freebase nicotine containing ejuices because in free base or regular ejuice containing vapes there are multiple functions and settings.

For vapers who shift from conventional smoking, nisalt contains a lesser impact of flavours and limited independence is given in such pod mods whereas regular ejuice is experienced to be more flavour enriched with independence to create vape cloud of choice.

The most understandable difference between both is that freebase nicotine ejuice is a luxury and nicsalt ejuice is smart and demanding. Both these ejuices come with their own benefits and you have to decide what you want to fulfil your vaping desires.



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