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Online Store vs. Brick and Mortar Vape Stores

A decade ago when the internet was on the rise and the concept of online shopping was on the peak it was believed that online stores will replace the traditional brick and mortar stores but speaking as of today this is not the case and still offline sales through brick and mortar stores in the USA is 10 times higher than online sales.

Most of the users go to online stores for research and information but when they have to buy something they prefer to go to a brick and mortar store so that they can satisfy themselves with the product by physically viewing it and they also prefer to talk to a real person instead of an operator.

For some both online and brick and mortar stores are the same as both perform retail functions but there are differences in both of them such as.

Brick and mortar stores have a physical presence you can talk to them in person and you can claim for any guarantee or warranty at the time of buying any product, on the other hand for online stores although most of the stores claim guarantee of the products still the return procedure is made so difficult and users are made to buy the product blindly.

When we talk about vapes there is a slight difference in online stores and brick and mortar stores

As we know that there are restrictions to sell the vape products to minors because it can disturb the adolescent mind, so this restriction is well maintained by the online stores as they ask for age and if some minor lies about the age then for billing it is important to enter the credit card details, in this way their age restriction policy can be monitored but on the other hand some brick and mortar vape stores are reported to give vapes to minors as well and have violated the FDA age restriction policy and also there is no method to make surveillance on that and that is why many general brick and mortar stores are banned to sell vapes and fruity flavors.

Online vape stores offer a great range of products and there are plenty of websites through which you can compare the price range of different products and with every coming day the online websites are flooded with new products, and on the other hand when you shop vape through brick and mortar vape store you have to select from a limited range of products and for comparing prices you will have to hassle from one store to another. Although you can view the product physically and satisfy yourself at the shop which can not be done on an online vape store.

For shopping a vape online you must have knowledge about the vapes and if you don’t have any knowledge then it will be very difficult for you to choose the vape which suits you the best and you will have to research for a long time to actually know what kind of vape you want. On the other hand when you go to a physical shop to buy vape the salesman can guide you as it is their job to guide you and they have the knowledge about their business and can tell which vape will suit you, although they try to sell their products but still they have the knowledge and you will miss it when you shop online

Note: talking to a person, face to face and talking with some operator is quite different.

The plus point of online vape stores is that you get a lot of information if the store has the blog section just like this one and you can know the advantages and the disadvantages as well of any product, you can research the vapes your own way without being interrupted by a salesperson whose only aim is that you buy the product instead of giving you an insight about it.

In brick and mortar vape stores you can have the product instantly and satisfy your curiosity by having it physically, but for online vape stores you will have to wait for days to get the product and as the days pass your excitement is decreased because you will have to wait for the product to reach you.

If you are really interested in buying the best vaping products and accessories such as vape tanks, vape pod systems, pod mods, vape batteries, and cbd hemp medicated products that fits your needs then the best way is to first research about the products compare the prices online ( the shipping charges) and find that online store that has a physical presence near your locality and then goes to that shop, talk to the salesman about how you feel about the product, then you will have some honest advice about it, and with that knowledge you can choose from that shop the vape you want.


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