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POD Systems for Vaping

Since the boom of vaping industry in 2007, it went through many changes, firstly because the industry was new and secondly because it grabbed the eye of the public so investors started fueling the industry providing latest research and innovation. The e-cigarettes that were first introduced had comparatively less capacity for holding #ejuice and also the batteries were not so capable of long performance. With time changes have been brought into the designs and the capacities of #vapes. The e-cigarettes were always considered to be time-consuming and the users' faced difficulties in filling up the #vapetanks with flavors all the time and carrying the bottles with themselves. It always had the chance of leakage and even a slightly loose lid could cause serious leakage. Furthermore, the large size of the vape was annoying to some of the users who wanted to carry it as a travel accessory.

Introduction of POD System:

Keeping in mind the needs of the users PAX Labs introduced the simple to use #technology which later became the founding step of #JUUL a multinational company and which introduced the first #PODsystems. The basic force for making the #POD system was derived from the fact that the cigarette smokers need something to be more efficient and it should be easy to use. POD systems are basically vapes which are made to satisfy the vapers instantly. They are portable with sleek designs and the biggest plus point of the POD system is that it saves the #vapers from the hustle of filling the tanks and keeping the bottles with themselves. POD systems are the perfect vapes for #beginners and people who want to quit smoking and those who do not need fancy buttons so they can just start vaping without any complexity.

There are two kinds of POD systems that is open and closed, open pod systems have refillable pods while closed pod systems have disposable pods. Pods are the #catridges which carry the flavors and are detachable from the vape system and each pod is only compatible for the vape it is made for and it also offers a number of flavors in it.

POD systems were built for those users who needed an instant #nicotine #hit and the beginners who are new to vaping and for that reason the e-juice of the pods systems usually contain a higher percentage of #nicsalt in them and these systems are very easy to use excluding any addtional configuration buttons. VG/PG ratio in them is usually kept equal and for a better throat hit, nicsalt is added in most of them. Nicotine in each pod is equal to a pack of cigarettes.

The pod systems come in various designs and sizes in the #USA and are used all over the USA and you can find a huge variety of designs that are sleek, portable, easy to carry and modish from the Ash vape store located in Chicago, Illinois. There are many companies that make POD systems after JUUL started the trend of these kinds of vapes.


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