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Portable Dabbing with Focus V Carta Electronic Dab Rig Kit

Focus V Carta Portable Dabbing Revived Concept

Focus V Carta Dabbing Rig Kit Vaporizer for Dabbing Wax and Dry Herbs Portable Vaporizer High Performance Quartz Coils

Do you want to take your Dabbing experience to the next level of comfort and ease while enjoying the powerful hits? Then you might consider the all-new Focus V Carta Vaporizer Dab Rig Kit. It has revived the Dabbing Experience without compromising the quality hits.

Focus V Carta V2 is an electric vaporizer that works both with Wax and Dry Herbs. It comes with 2 atomizers one made up of Quartz crystal and the other made up of Titanium. With its high power replaceable batteries, you can enjoy the full dab hits. The most unique feature is its portability. Take it anywhere as the V Focus integrated the Carta Vaporizer Dab Rig Kit with the latest adjustability technologies. The Quartz atomizer ensures high temperature and heating to vaporize the whole wax or dab contents. The minimalist design and the transparent glass.

How to Use V Focus Carta V2:

This Vaporizer with its exquisite design is simple to use. The device is turned on by 5 times tapping the button on Focus V Carta V2. It will flash blue light and vibrate.

It has 4 different levels of temperatures to heat it and the Quartz atomizer heats up quickly while Titanium heats up slowly but it remains hot for a longterm. Vaporizer also comes with V Focus app that connects via Bluetooth where temperature can be adjusted. When the heating process of the rig starts it will blink the light and shows a green light when ready for vaping. It has a long tube to cool the vapors and give a smooth experience to the users.

Best Features to Consider Focus V Carta V2 Dabbing Rig Kit:

Previously the Dab kits came with power outlets as a high power is required to burn the concentrates completely, Focus V Carta V2 Electric Dab Rig Kit was made around the idea of portability and high performance, so 2 replaceable batteries of 1850mah are used in it so the users can enjoy a fulling dabbing experience.

Its compatible 7.2 inches designs make it a perfect travel gadget and accessory. The box comes with 2 extra batteries to be used.

High Resistance Quartz and Titanium atomizers burn off any residue that sticks to the coils.

Inhaling mouthpiece is sufficiently wide and prevents clogging.

It is a low maintenance device and does not need any cleaning like other devices.

Clean transparent glass design makes it a modern vaping and dabbing product.

The bubbles coming out of the Vaporizer makes it look dope and you can wind up the Dab session anywhere and move on. 

This Focus V Carta Vaporizer Dab Rig Kit is for all type of Dabbers and Vapers. Beginners love to use this dabbing both with concentrates and herbs. while regular users are amazed by the simple sleek design.

It is a strong Vaporizer and endures rough usage.

What Does the Package of Focus V Carta Electronic Dab Rig Kit Contain?

A standard package contains all the essentials including Focus V Carta Rig, 2 atomizers, 4 batteries, charger, Borosilicate Glass Carb Cap, alcohol wipes for cleansing, silicone wax container, dab tool, titanium bucket, quartz bucket and Vaporizer carrying case as well.






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