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Procana founded in 2013 set up its laboratories to study and make cannabinoid CBD products with their vast research consisting a number of scientists doctors and pharmaceutical experts. Their products are made by the medical experts and are tested in a controlled application and tested thoroughly before finalizing a product.

CBD is known as a magic drug as it is free from any side effects and addiction. Procana with its humongous research on CBD introduced many products of CBD intake and one of their most glamorized product of today is CBD Vape Pen. Procana maintains all the GMP standards for their products and they claim to have a wide research team which is continuously studying compounds and making better products for the consumers.

As we all know how the vaping phenomenon took the globe, vape industry is the most flourishing industry as of today and in the USA alone about 44 million people are reported as regular vapers. Procana with its many products also introduced its Procana CBD vape pen.

This vape pen became an active method of infusing CBD in the body, CBD comes without any health effects or addiction and it gives a number of soothing effects to the body and is helpful in treating many ailments such as anxiety, depression,stress, joint inflammation, skin soreness, epilepsy and many other.

Dr. Peter Grinspoon M.D, who is Associate Director for the Physician Health Service working with other physicians in a society on the people who suffer from substance use disorders states in one of his findings in Harvard Medical School about the use of CBD as safe when used in controlled dosages and it comes without serious health effects, according to him it is not a medication yet as there is a need for further research on it but it is a healthy dietary supplement that can be used for certain ailments as we have mentioned above.

Procana CBD vape pen is a precharged ready to use vape when unpacked. It contains 200mg of active CBD with the addition of flavors and other non-carcinogenic organic compounds. It is a button-less precharged vape and can be used on the go. Its stainless steel design makes it a classic vape and if you are a vaper it is the best vape you can have as it is free from nicotine which is an addictive compound present in the ejuice of many vapes. The action time of cbd vape pen is immensely fast as it directly flows into the bloodstream through thin epithelial cells of mouth and lungs.

It has a long lasting 320 mah battery which is precharged and is durable. It comes in 4 different flavors namely Classic OG, Fresh Menthol, Tasty Tangie and Smooth Vanilla.

If you are a cigarette smoker and want to quit then CBD vape pen is the best alternative you can have to calm down the anxiety that arises from quitting combustible tobacco. These vape pens are available at our online store and also on our vape shop in Illinois, Chicago, USA.


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