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Rush Disposable Vapes - Pod System Vape Device - Upgraded Juul Pods Version

Vaping has become a phenomenon worldwide now, the vapes just like smartphones are no more new to anyone and people around the globe and especially in the USA are acquainted about the benefits vapes have over combustible tobacco cigarettes. The biggest issue that is faced by many people to vape products is that they are very complex and people hesitate to use such products in which they have to configure the settings and above all, they hesitate because they have to take out time for making the vape available that is charging the vape device, filling the ejuice and configuring the settings before vaping can happen. So these problems are well caught by the industry and more and more simple to use vape products and vape devices are made each day. This problem of difficulty in vaping was well caught by rush vapors and they produced the smartest vape pod device for such people. Rush vape pod is that vape device in which you do not have to click a single button and it is always ready on the go. It is a disposable vape pen which users can use anytime and anywhere without worrying about the charging or filling the ejuice or changing the flavor pods like other vape pens. It is a USB alike vape pen which can be vaped right after unpacking because it is precharged and prefilled with their strong fruity flavors. The rush vape battery capacity is quite giving and it lasts for around 400 450 deep puffs. Rush disposable vape battery is made exclusively to consume the last drop of ejuice in the rush vape device and its capacity is 280 mah and for a satisfying throat hit rush vape pen has just the perfect amount of nicsalt in it, as it contains 5% by volume nicotine. These features make rush vape pod the premium disposable pods that one can get from the vape market. Apart form all these supreme features that make rush disposable vape smart it has the most appealing flavors. It comes in 7 juicy and fruity flavors. Rush products are famous for their flavors and that exclusiveness of flavor explosion can now be felt in the rush disposable vape pen device. Their flavors have a very strong taste and each puff of rush vape device leaves the taste excited for a long time and a refreshing breath one can feel after a puff with the most original flavor. For smokers who are still thinking whether their nicotine will be satisfied this is the best chance for you and the best vape to shift to as its high nicotine content will satisfy your nicotine craving for a significant time and it has the most reasonable prices in all the vapes products available in the markets. The best part is you can dispose of it whenever the content is used up and it lasts for around 1 to 2 weeks if you are a heavy vaper otherwise it can last up to 3 4 weeks if you vape like chain smokers. This rush disposable pod device suits the best for those who love vaping at the instant without hustling around with the device just put the usb flash like device in the mouth and satisfy you vape cravings instantly in any social setting.


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