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Suorin Vape Brand Products - Blog on Suorin Air and Suorin Drop Products.

Suorin a vape company founded in 2013 and with the collaboration of Foxconn, the company which makes iphone and other apple products came up with the unique vape designs. Their vape products were made with the purpose of giving simplicity to the vaping starters with modish and sleek designs. It was very complicated for the new vapers to configure the workings of vapes as customization is time taking and new vapers who tend to move from cigarette smoking towards vaping find it hard to configure it and also they want to satisfy their nicotine cravings instantly in a stealth mode. Suorin with its latest and most advanced easy to vape devices rules the vape industry and giving the best designs to the vapers with their every new vape they introduce, it is a leap forward in design, simplicity, and stealthiness. Their vape devices have the most beautiful and lush looks which have made suorin popular among the vapers. Suorin warranty for 6 months for all their products.

Suorin air vape is the first vape introduced by suorin and their first product became the star of vapers due to its very sleek design which is not only easy to use but also very attractive. Suorin air pod has 2ml juice capacity and they are refillable and last for upto 2 weeks for every charge of 400 mAh suorin battery for normal vapers. Suorin cartridge pod is easy to take out and plug in for vaping any e juice or nicsalt. There are numerous suorin air colors and a number of suorin air flavors and each suorin air device is made of exquisite metal designs which gives a sleek shine to the device. Air is the best suorin starter kit for the beginners and so much easy with just on-off button you can use it anywhere without getting noticed and satisfy the nicotine cravings. Suorin air pods are leak proof and the heavy design makes it worthy to hold it in your hand. It automatically starts on inhaling it.

The tearshape suorin drop device is also amazingly beautiful with such a small size just like suorin air vape you can hold it in your palm for stealth use and it just attracts you no matter you are a beginner or pro vaper. This tear shape suorin drop vape device has the lushest suorin skins and you can buy it according to your choice. Suorin drop cartridge also slides to come out and it as total capacity of 2ml with 2 openings that divide a tank and each suorin replacement cartridge can be used several times before changing. Suorin charging last for a couple of weeks with its 300 mAh battery and its heavy compact design makes you hold it firmly in your hand and the super sleek and discrete design makes it hideable in any place. It is heavier than suorin air and comes in silicone rubber casing except for black drop which has the exquisite metal design. A small button lets you hit the vape for a satisfying throat hit.


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