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Understanding Vaping And Its Effects

Like any other habit, vaping is also a habit which is adopted just like other ones by prolonged and continuous practice. Habits are the sum of all the activities you perform daily when you practice these activities routinely then they become habits. A simple habit of biting nails can become an addiction if one cannot stop doing it when pointed out or becomes anxious when not able to carry out the biting activity. What differentiates addiction from habit is the psychological dependence on something and an urge to do a certain thing and if that thing is not done the person will feel withdrawn. Vaping can also become hard to quit habit when it is consumed at regular intervals or in routine. There are a lot of factors involved behind the addiction to vape.

Reasons Behind Vaping Addiction:

There are a number of reasons that could lead to #vaping #addiction and the person vaping could actually feel withdrawn when not able to vape, some of the reasons are enlisted below:

  1. Nicotine is an addictive chemical US surgeon general and NIH declared #nicotine as a highly addictive agent and it is ranked among cocaine and heroin, it is due to this fact the presence of nicotine in many #e-juices and flavors has caused a simulation in the users to continue it on a regular basis, although many #ejuice does not necessarily contain nicotine, some of them are nicotine free but still the presence of #nicsalt is one of the biggest reasons of vaping addiction.
  2. A #vape is relatively a modish gadget and it is not like conventional tobacco #cigarette and using it in any social setting becomes acceptable.
  3. #College and young #students are now getting addicted to vaping because first of all, it does not have any smell and secondly, it does not seem odd to use it as against the perspective that is built for cigarette smoking.
  4. Smokers getting addicted to vaping as an alternative due to its less harmfulness is one thing but non-smokers are getting addicted to vape due to independence in picking up from a variety of flavors and when they keep on trying new flavor #pods the become addicted to it.
  5. As vaping is relatively a new industry so very less is known about the health hazards it may cause and the research that is conducted on it gives no major health problems which may be caused by vape, so generally it is believed to be without any grievous side effects and users tend to use it on regular basis making it an addiction without any fear of harm to health.
  6. Another big reason for vaping addiction is its trendsetting global phenomenon, most of the people use it as an in #fashion accessory and this trendy gadget is used highest in the #USA and its territories (#Illinois , #NewYork , #California , etc) according to Euromonitor International from 20.8 million global $vapers 43.2% are located in the United States of America alone.





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