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Guide to Vaping for Beginners - 2020

Beginners Guide to Vaping - Details of Vaping for Beginners

This blog is specifically made for those people who are thinking about how to start vape and don’t know which vape ejuice they should choose to start on vaping. We are living in a time in which everything is in abundance, there is no more either this or that, everything has variety and chains of variations. Especially when we talk about vaping the list of products (vape disposables, starter kits, pod systems, regular ejuice and nicotine salt etc) is overwhelming and each day a new kind of vape is introduced with its brand new features. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and confused to pick the best beginner vape which will suit you.

The first thing to do before deciding the best vape that will suit your needs is to decide what kind of vapor you will be and what online store you will visit for your purchases and for that, to avoid vape beginners mistake, we have divided the new vapors into 3 main types. First comes the smokers who are conscious about their health and consider vaping a better and healthier alternative to cigarette smoking. Second, comes those who want to get on vaping just for the fun of it without being too technical. Third comes those who have an interest in technology and want to play with vapes and enjoy customized vaping.

For all those smokers who are worried about the health and want to shift to vaping but they are not familiar with vape types and the main hurdle in their shifting is the hustle of configuring the vapes, we have the good news for them that now many companies have started making disposable vapes and they will not have to even press a single button just unpack the vape and start enjoy vaping. The best disposable vapes you can have to satisfy the nicotine cravings include Stig Vape Disposable which is available in 4 organic taste flavors. The main reason why they are considered best is there is no need of preparation of any kind, it is precharged prefilled buttonless vape device and contains 5-6% nicsalt content which is good content for smokers who want a satisfying nicotine throat hit. These vapes are considered to be the best choice for smokers and they last for quite a long time and you can dispose of when all content is used up.

Second, come those people who can play a little with their vape devices and can enjoy using vapes but don't want too much complexity of charging a vape pen, or refilling vape juice, changing coils, holding big box mods and etc, they want to keep it simple and yet enjoy to play with their vape pens. For them the best vape starter kits for beginners include Smok Nord, Suorin Air, Suorin Drop, Smoktech Infinix and Aspire Breeze 2. All of these vapes have very simple functioning and yet you can play with it and put your desired flavor to vape with the desired nicotine and you can also use it without nicsalt.

The third type of vapers who love technology and want to enjoy the vaping on their on desire adjusting the buttons configuring them and then making vape clouds of their own choice can enjoy. In this type of vapes, you can use any eliquid of your choice whether nicsalt ejuice or nicotine free ejuice. It comes in 2 atomizers so you can choose whether you want high clouds formation or a great throat hit. It can be configured easily. It is not much technical everyone can use it and it is made especially for those who love to adjust the settings before using.

If you consider yourself from either of the 3 types of people as described then these products will give you the best vaping experiences. As now you can buy any item online it is better not to know only the specs of the products also you should have the knowledge that which item will suit you the best.



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