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Why prefer Vaping over Smoking?

Nowadays the most and frequently asked question that is heard almost on every platform is whether vaping is more injurious than smoking or not. This hot topic became the subject of some of the world-renowned media outlets. A general perception had been built by social and print media that effects of cigarettes are nothing as compared to the effects of vaping. Here one thing is to be kept in mind that the tobacco industry is one of the biggest and most influential industry in the world which can be subjected to a huge loss if an alternative is introduced in the market. This industry could do anything to save it from losing potential customers and funding media outlets to spread false propaganda against a particular product as in this case vaping is nothing for those corporate giants.

Coming back to vaping, what ingredients make it and what effects does it actually have on health is the main thing that makes people believe in general perceptions of others. Vaping is the latest alternative over cigarette smoking and unlike cigarettes, it is made from a condensed liquid which is made by adding different flavors and nicotine, this liquid is placed in an electronic device called “vape” which when turned on heats the liquid through heating coils and makes smoke out of the liquid which is then inhaled by the user just like a normal cigarette.

The difference between the cigarette smoke and vaping is far-reaching. Vaping smoke consists of nicotine which itself is not injurious, flavor that is also non-injurious as every edible item is made from it and lastly the smoke producing vegetable oil which is also used in many edibles. On the other hand, the cigarette smoke is already declared contagious in many countries as it contains carcinogens that are cancer-causing compounds. The tobacco itself by burning produces tar which is the main reason for lung cancer and it is the main reason for deaths nowadays, other than this the list goes on and most of the effects of cigarettes are life-threatening.

The main reason behind smoking or vaping is fulfilling the nicotine requirement of the body and when it can be fulfilled without risking health then why not use vaping instead of cigarette plus it can be used anywhere without being irritative to anyone in the surrounding.

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