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Vaporesso OSmall Pod System Minimal Vape Device

OSmall by Vaporesso Emerging Lightweight Vapes

Over the period of time, people have craved for compactness and portability in technologies whether they are computers, mobiles or vape devices, the more the compact and portable, the easier to use and carry.

Vapes at first were not considered as an accessory to carry in pockets all the time, and due to the large size of vapes and potential spills or leakages in devices made them difficult to carry in pockets.

Many compact vapes were introduced but there was always a problem for carrying them in pockets even the smaller vapes weighted more when carrying them in pockets.

Vaporesso a leading brand in vaping industry caught this issue very well and introduced the most light-weighted pod system vape device as OSmall.

lightweigh pod system vape rechargeable refillable vaping device OSmall vaporesoo

OSmall lightweight vape device is the most compact design pod system vaping device that comes with a number of unmatchable features.

The biggest selling point for Vaporesso OSmall Pod device is the minimal design and light texture with grip. Despite the minimalist design, the vape does not compromise on vaping quality.

It delivers uniform smoke with each hit and it has a builtin rechargeable battery of 350 mAh capacity. The device takes about 30 minutes for complete charging and lasts for 1 week of vaping experience for regular vapers.

It is also small in size and fits in the palm discreetly with 82 mm length size vape including the pod size.

The simple vape design enables beginners and smokers to start their vaping hobby with this pod system vape. It is the best starter kit as it imitates cigarettes and highly recommended for people considering to quit smoking.

OSmall comes with magnetic attachment Pods with 2ml eliquid capacity and anti-leaking stopper on side of the pod. It offers 1.2-ohm resistance coils for strong vape puffs and 11 W output power.

The strong attachment of pods with base comes with Auto Draw technology and the pods only operate when vapers draw puffs from it.

OSmall pod system vape is completely buttonless with only one led light indication for charging and during use. The device can be charged with mini USB charger.

Each box of Vaporesso OSmall package contains 1 pod system vape, 1 user manual, 1 warranty claimer and one charging cable.

Pods are also available separately on our store. The vape device comes with 5 protective technologies which includes

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection
  • Overtime Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection

All these and many other exciting features make this Pod System Vape the perfect travel vape and accessory to carry all the time without being burdened by the weight.

Expand your vaping experience and try this unique most compact vape on the go. Take this anywhere and it can be used in any social setting.

Enjoy Eye-Catching Colors and dense fumes while keeping your vapes discreet and in pocket all the time.


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