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Airis XL Vape 5ml 5% NicSalt 1200 Puffs

Airis Mega Vape Device 2000 Puffs 6ml 5%

The Airis Max has Eliquid capacity of 5.6ml and nicotine content counts to 5% which in milligrams amounts to 50mg in. These Airis Max vape has a large puff capacity and can last up to 1600+ puffs in its life time. A perfect delight for all types of vapers. Whether you are a beginner, long time user or want to shift from unhealthy smoking habit Airis Max is an incredible one time use vape device which will leave your taste buds infused with an enormous flavor and give you the perfect hit for your nicotine cravings.

Airis Max Vape comes in a variety of fruity and lush flavors, combination of fruity tastes and flavors leaves users satisfied from all aspects.

A unique and long lasting choice for travelling anywhere, as it has a sleek shape so it can slide into packets easily and can be used in any social setting without being noticed.

Airis is already a leading company in vaping world, with its many new features Airis Max has marked its presence once again. As Airis Max reviews are great coming from in store customers so we launched it online also.



One time use Vaporizer 5.6ml E-Liquid Capacity is a huge capacity for all types of vapers and it last much longer than other one time use vapes available.

Puff Count is +1600 and that is the reason of its great demand as it lasts for a long time and unlike other one time use vapes, you can keep your vape device for a long time without worries of its content drain. Most importantly, each puff delivers the same amount of vape cloud until the contents are fully consumed. Airis Max is built from the latest technology to keep your flavors and puffs in the right amount. 

Nicotine Quantity 50mg or 5% amounts to fully satisfied nicotine hits. Each hit is a perfect combination of flavors and salt nic present in the vaoe device
950 mAh battery
These huge 5.6 mL capacity vapes are powered by a 950 mAh battery, they will keep you blowing clouds all day! Check them out


Strawberry Banana
Grape Ice
Lush Ice
Cola Ice
Cotton Candy ( NEW )

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