Airis Qute QCell Technology Wax Pen


The Airis Qute Wax Portable 450mAh Vaporizer Pen that combines a compact and versatile adjustable output mod with advanced Q-cell fritted quartz atomizer for heating thick concentrates.
The 450mAh Qute Mod is a highly advanced device that is designed to support most 510 thread oil cartridges on the market measure up to 12mm in diameter.
It is equipped with three voltage output settings as well as a 15 second preheat mode option to help you reach the absolute best results possible with whatever type of concentrate you’re working with.
Airis designed the Qute Vape to operate easily for discreet and convenient sessions anywhere or anytime. It’s controlled with one button with an LED power light indicator that keeps you in the loop during the entire process.
Click the button five times rapidly to power it on or off for safe storage. Preheat your atomizer before a cycle with two clicks while it’s powered on or select your voltage power settings with three clicks.
Watch the LED power light indicator while you cycle through each of its output options and stop at your preferred setting (Green 3.4V, Blue 3.7V, Red 4.2V).
Inside every Qute Vaporizer Kit, you have a premium Q-cell 510 atomizer ready to heat thick concentrates at the touch of a button. It uses a removable fritted glass quartz coil that slowly and evenly heats your concentrates for ultra-smooth and flavorful results.
Airistech also includes three magnetic adapters (2 rings, 1 Tall) to easily connect the included cartridge or one from your own collection to the Qute Vape without a hitch.

Airis Qute Wax Portable 450mAh Vaporizer Pen Features:

Variable Output Cartridge Battery Kit for Thick Concentrates
Guaranteed Authentic Airistech Brand Product
Dimensions: 40mm x 51mm x 15mm
Highly Compatible 510 Connection / Supports Up to 12mm Diameter
Includes Three Magnetic Adapters (2 Rings, 1 Tall)
Three Preset Voltage Power Settings for Peak Performance with Concentrated Oils
Innovative Preheat Mode / Perfect for Warming Thick Oils
User-Friendly One Button Controls with LED Indicator
Rapidly Click 5 Times to Lock/Unlock
Press 3 Times to Change Voltage (3.4V Green, 3.7V Blue, 4.2V Red)
Press 2 Times to Activate Preheat Mode / 15 Second Cycle
Press/Hold to Heat Cartridge / 10 Second Safety Duration Timer
Long-lasting 450mAh Lithium-ion Battery for All Day Travel Use
Micro-USB Charging (LED Red While Charging/Off When Charged)
Cutting-edge Qute Cartridge with Q-Cell Heating Technology
Fritted Quartz Element Offers Increased Surface Area for Even Heating
Food Grade Heat-Resistant Ceramic Mouthpiece for Smooth Flavor
Removable/Replaceable Atomizer Design
Available in 5 Vibrant Color Options

Airis Qute Wax Portable 450mAh Vaporizer Pen Includes:

1 x Airis Qute Battery 450mAh
1 x Airis Qute Q-Cell Atomizer
2 x Magnetic Ring Adapter
1 x Magnetic Tall Adapter
1 x Packing Tool
1 x Quartz Jar
1 x User Manual
More Options for Airis Qute Wax Portable 450mAh Vaporizer Pen
Add Extra Magnetic Adapter: These are always easy to lose. Replace the exact original before you have the chance to lose it above at a discounted price.
Add eDab Cartridge Refill Kit: Select it before checking out and save. Your refills will be quick, precise and mess-free using this medical-grade filling tool with interchangeable tip sizes.
Add Extra Airis Qute Cartridge: This authentic replacement cartridge is the exact model included with your Qute kit. Grab an extra before checking out and save!
Add 5 Pack Ceramic Oil Cartridges 0.5mL: Include with your order an instantly save! These premium glass oil cartridges will allow you to use your Qute to heat thin oils as well. They utilize a wickless ceramic core for efficient heating and great tasting results.

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