Backwoods Grinder 4 Parts Aluminum Herbal and Tobacco Grinding



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Backwoods came with premium quality tobacco products. For grinding your herbal and tobacco mixtures or simple tobacco grinding, Backwoods provides manual grinder. With its aluminum body and 4 parts grinding machine, your tobacco grinding is customizable and can produce you fine grinding.

Backwoods grinder comes in 2 premium colors.

Backwoods Yellow Aluminum Grinder (Honey)

Backwoods Black Aluminum Grinder


This grinder comes in 4 parts reaching to 50mm in height which produces fine tobacco particles with its aluminum strong sharp tentacles. These tentacles are designed for all kinds of tobacco and herbs. For mixtures you can just put your tobacco inside and take out fine ground from the base of the grinder.


Its simple operation is easy to perform and no extra jerks are required. It will smoothly crush tobacco with each rotation and unlike other crushers, it will kt get stuck in the process. At the base of the grinder there is an aluminum tray from which you can take your final crush and roll it and enjoy it as you prefer.

4 parts grinder helps you crush your tobacco in the most desired form. Each part crushes according to the size of aluminum spikes inside to give an even cut particles from top to bottom.

The whole tobacco goes from 4 crushers before finally laying itself on the last shelf base of the Backwoods Grinder.

50mm Grinder

Backwoods grinder is a compact and innovative design tobacco crusher and can be used for travel purpose where you can enjoy easy grinding anywhere. Its compact shape lets you slide it anywhere in your pockets andthen reuse it enjoying premium quality grounding.



1X Selected Color of Backwoods Grinder


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