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Beedf Plus is Vape Device With 30 mg of nic salt content in the device. Each Beedf vape device can deliver 800+ puffs and it is the upgraded form of simple Beedf Vape. It has numerous watery flavors and the thick vape cloud makes the Vape much attractive. 

Beedf comes with precharged batteries and prefilled with nicotine salt ejuice. It is a complete travel accessory and with the 800 puffs capacity, it is the best vape gadget to take with you.

It is buttonless and does not require any configuration or presenting temperature or filling and refilling ejuice again and again. It is ar ready to use cigarette and each Vape last longer than ordinary vapes

These Vapes resemble more with hookah and sheesha as their flavoured smoke is thick and produce satisfying nicotine hit.

It is a perfect Vape for beginners and an effective quit smoking vape as it does not require any configurations or pre-settings.

Draw technology activates the Beedf Vape on inhaling and puffing.

Attractive flavor blends are available to enjoy the vaping on another level.








Type: Vape

Nicotine Concentration: 30mg

Material: Stainless Steel

Flavors: Fruits

550mAh Battery

3.2ml Capacity

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