Buzz USA Vape Device


Description: Buzz USA Vape Device is a new generation of Vape which gives instant nicotine rush to the vapers. It is ready to use and perfect travel gadget. With 6% nic salt content, Buzz USA Vape soothes and satisfies the users with the nicotine rush. Special minimalist design and ready to draw mechanism makes it a highly wanted vape e-cigarette. Each device contains more than 700 puffs to give users a smooth vaping experience. Built both for beginners and pro vapers to satisfy their daily vape needs, No need of maintenance or e-liquid fillings are required. The device is lightweight and does not need any configuration prior to use. Buzz USA Vapes comes with some of the most invigorating and exciting flavors. It gives vapers just the perfect taste to their buds and once this Vape device is tried, it hooks up the vapers permanently with the proactive taste and throat hit. Each throat hit is filled with unique taste of flavor depending upon the Vape you are using. Among 6 flavors all have different taste and vape smoke fog fragrance. Contents: Battery capacity: 580 mah E-Liquid Capacity: 3 ml Puffs: 700+ Resistance: 1.8 ohm cotton coil Nicotine strength: 60 mg nic salt nicotine content Completely Vape Ready to Draw and Vape Mechanism Available Flavors: Strawberry Frost | Green Apple Frost | Blue razz lemonade | Mango Frost | Cotton Candy | Pineapple Ice Buzz USA Vape Devices are the finest Vapes which produce full-fledged vaping experience and satisfaction

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