Cali s Air Vape Capacity 2.7ml


Cali s Air Vape capacitys 2.7ml

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Cali s Air Vape is all in one Vape are for those who don't want to recharge the and are tired of refillings. These Vape s can be used on the go. Cali enriched flavors are part of these Vape s. Enjoy the same great taste with these Vape Cali s. Cali s reviews are great from many users, they say it is an easy-going vape and we do not have to worry about anything.


A complete vape device filled with exciting juice flavor by Cali s

A new innovation in the system vapes with the same great taste and lasting vape device.

These prefilled s are filled with 2.7 ml of liquid flavor

Small size s fit in pockets easily.

No need of refilling once consumed dispose it and put another in place.

A perfect travel device for you no need to keep droplet bottles.

Premium Vape

These Cali s Vape s have the same great taste and perfect choice to start vaping and quit smoking

5% nic salt liquid content in each

twice more nic salt content than normal s.

600 plus puffs per vape

Each Package Contains:

1 Cali s Air Vape E-Cig Vape Device

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