Calibri Premium Butane 300ml


Our 99.9994% level of purity allows us to proudly recommend our butane for all refillable butane lighters. Colibri Premium Butane is developed to reduce the number of contaminants that cause clogged burner valves, misfires and malfunctions—and to safeguard against costly repairs. Our 300 ml cannister is also fitted with five removable adapter nozzles in the cap, so that you may refill old model and Colibri brand lighters.

The Cleanest Butane Available
99.9994% Pure
Will not affect the flavor of your premium cigar or tobacco
Includes five additional nozzle adapters
Premium butane gas
Recommended for all refillable butane lighters
Reduces clogged burner valves
Reduces malfunctions
Reduces misfires
300ml / 10.1 fl. oz. / 162g

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