Drum Excellent Halfzware Shag 40g Tobbacco Pouch


The popular aroma of the Halfzware-Shag comes from the fine, balanced mix of 16 to 20 dark and light tobacco types. The exquisite selection of spicy Kentucky and Virginia tobacco is typical for the full-bodied taste.

DRUM Halfzware is the undisputed market leader worldwide among fine cut mixes.

With DRUM, the connoisseur opens up a whole world of aromas, stored in well-known, cultivated tobacco varieties.

Leaf after leaf spoiled by the sun, blessed with plenty of water. The spicy, smoke-dried Kentucky fine cuts, the characteristically milder processed Virginia variants DRUM tobacco promise classic, pure enjoyment.

The balanced compositions are structured in a multi-faceted manner and offer, depending on taste preferences, spicy and full-bodied to gentle and mild bouquets.

Content 40g

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