Due King Pluto 1000 Puffs Disposable Vape



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Due King Pluto 2 in 1 Dual Flavor Vape Device 4ml 1000 Puffs 6%

Due King Pluto 2 in 1 introduced multiple flavors in a single use vape device. A flavor marvel providing 4 tastes in a single prefilled vape device. The device design is discreet and fits right in the palm. The sleek exquisite shape is designed for the premium vaping experience.  Due King Pluto exterior look is minimal and uncommon. The rounded shape can be easily put in the pocket and taken anywhere as the size is kept relatively smaller than most of the vapes in the market.  Enjoy seamless vaping and that also in multi flavors in a single puff. A flagship dual taste non-rechargeable device with a long-lasting battery and giving complete vaping satisfaction to the vapers. Designed to give a healthier alternative to the cigarette smokers without any trouble of conventional vape charging devices. Nicotine Salt content is also in the right spectrum of nicotine requirements for cigarette smokers. The best alternative to the harmful tobacco hazards.


Due King Pluto Double Flavor Vape Device

Due King Pluto is a double flavor single-use vape device. It comes in dual combo flavors in a single device, so in total 4 flavors are added to each device. A strong fruity taste is developed with the cocktail of distinguishing tastes. A mouth-bursting flavor explosion when vaped a single puff in the mouth takes place each time.

Long-Lasting 1000 plus Puffs per Device

With exciting flavors, the device lasts longer and tastes even better with each puff. With normal vaping the device gives 1000 plus puffs and for regular vapers, it is an amount that lasts 2 3 weeks.

Huge E-Liquid 4ml per Vape Device of Flavored E-Juice

4ml E-Juice Vape Device with mouth bursting flavors combo lasts a considerable time and battery lasts till the last droplet of flavor, making it a highly attractive vape device to have.

High Nicotine Content 6% (60mg) per Due Pluto Vape Device 

6% nicotine salt content per vape devce makes vaping smooth and a soothing satisfaction on the vapers with each puff. Each puff is filled with enormous flavor and satisfaction to cater all the nicotine requirements.

Sleek Design Shape

A minimal vape design shape to offer uniqueness and a simple to use vape device. With curved edges, the vape becomes highly adaptive and easy to carry and use. Its small and compact shape keeps the device in palm all the time to enjoy unique vaping experience.


    Mango Apple Pear Strawberry Lemonade

    Crave all your fruity aromas in a single vape device by Due King Pluto. Juicy Mango Flavor blended in Apple Pear and Strawberry Lemonade. It is a lot of flavors in a single device and vaping this will keep all your taste sensor filled with pleasure.

    Icey Banana Strawberry Cream
    Banana mouth-filling flavor in ice blend with creamy strawberry is an amazing vape flavor and the best part is that all this is available in a single vape device. Enjoy unlimited flavors and satisfy your vaping needs to the fullest.
    • 1x Selected Vape Flavor


    WARNING:- This product can expose you to nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. This product is not recommended for pregnant women or people with cardiovascular issues. Always ensure that any E-Juice is kept out of reach from children and pets. For more information Click Here

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