Focus V Carta Kit Laser Edition





Focus V Carta Laser Edition

Carta is back in action with some of the best and most advanced vaporizer products. Reviewed by customers as the best vaporizer product on fundamentally 2 main reasons:

Advanced Tech Vaporizer

Durability and Longevity

Focus V Carta Laser Edition has the most exotic look and amazes the eyes by its unparalleled futuristic minimal design shape. Enhanced productivity and efficiency is the hallmark of Carta Vaporizers. Equally suitable to all types of vapers including dabbing, wax vaping or concentrate vaping. Enjoy a unique lighting experience while vaporizing.

Focus V Carta Laser Edition is manufactured with kicking futuristic science fiction design to give an extra layered exotic outlook. Carta not only gives a futuristic experience but also specializes in providing the best-built technology that comes in multiple colors.

Future Focus V Carta Laser Edition comes with enhanced portability and connectivity. Take your vaporizer anywhere with portable batteries that come in the box. Preset your preferences and create multiple profiles on your device for temperature settings as you like.

The best thing about this vaporizer is it is easy to operate, both beginners and experts can vaporize it as it allows maximum customization. With Bluetooth connectivity, users enjoy premium Carta vaporizer.

Focus V CARTA Laser Edition e-rig is incorporated with LED base lights to give a premium illumination with a dual-tones glass bubble top. A fully aesthetic rig kit to cater a psychedelic response while vaporizing. Rock and Roll Rave Culture aesthetics come to reality using this vaporizer..

The Laser Edition Focus V CARTA a futuristic approach revolutionizing portable dabbing to whole another level and class, 2 18350 mAh batteries keep the charging full and are replaceable. No need to connect with the socket all the time.

The CARTA the only portable rig kit conveniently optimizing performance. Dual atomizers one is quartz for instant heating and second is titanium offering long lasting heating at a moderate level to uniformly heat the vaporizer contents. Carta V Focus Laser Edition App is what makes it extra ordinary. Experience futuristic app to set preferences from tips of your finger. This app is reviewed as minimal and easy to use app which allows maximum customization to the customer. With Bluetooth connectivity capability, Focus V Carta propells as the most techn0ological advanced vaporizer in the market. No competitor has achieved such accuracy and high tech in the vaporizer industry. Enjoy the best vaporizing experience with Focus V Carta available in best online price at Ash Vape Smoke. Regular Discounts are offered to loyal returning customers. Apart from that we also have each  spare part in case you misplace or damage the parts although it is made from high quality glass and other materials.


LED Lights

LED lights in the base of the glass top produce an aesthetic environment when vaporizing dabs, herbal extracts or concentrates. An illuminated surrounding the Focus V Carta Laser Edition creates a unique ambiance to enjoy sessions. 

Fluorescent Colored Base

Base illuminated in fluorescent colors of choice including Red, Blue, Green or Orange colors. The xenon effect makes the vaporizer Rock and Roll.

DoubleTone Glass Top

Two-Tone Glass Covering either used with laser edition lighting experience or without it. 

Carrying Portable Case

The exotic Focus V Carta Laser Edition Vaporizer can be fitted in the carrying case and commuted everywhere easily with its portability.

Focus V CARTA Everlast Atomizer

Powerful Atomizer is everlasting and with enhanced capability to cater satisfaction in a premium quality device

Portable Vape Rig Kit

Portability in Rig Kit offers maximum independence that is now the most demanded feature in Vaporizers. Carta caters to such requirements in the best possible way in its easy to travel with portable Vaproizer.

Ergonomic Vaporizer Design

Minimal Simplistic Vaporizer designed to give maximum output. Its ergonomic shape and design keep all dabbing or vaporizing needs in a single place.

Rechargeable Portable Batteries

Carta comes with an extra pair of batteries which indicates everlasting portability and a perfect travel gadget. The long-lasting18350 mAh Batteries can be switched and used.

Quartz and Titanium Atomizers

Focus V Carta Laser Edition comes in 2 Atomizers Quartz and Titanium. Each built to cater to the specific needs of users as to the type of vaporizer extract in use.

4 Temperature Preset Preferences

Each Focus V Carta comes in factory settings of 4 temperatures for different substances. It offers customization also and comes in factory settings to optimally consume the extracts in an optimum way.

Temperature Control by Focus V CARTA App

V Carta app allows maximum portability and vaporizer can be set via a mobile app available both for android and IOS. Use the app to enter and create profiles for heating turning on the device without touching the device.

Dab Counter

Count your vaporizer intake with the dab counter display on the device. A unique approach to keep track of the vaping activity.


Focus V Carta Laser Edition Green Color

Focus V Carta Laser Edition Blue Color

Focus V Carta Laser Edition Red Color

Focus V Carta Laser Edition Orange Color

Focus V Carta Laser Edition Yellow Color


1 x Focus V CARTA Laser Line Edition Portable Vape Rig
1 x Laser Line CARTA 2-Tone Glass Top
1 x Glass Bubble Cap
1 x CARTA Laser Line Edition Carb Cap Tether
1 x Everlast Atomizer
2 x Titanium Bucket
2 x Quartz Buckets
1 x USB-C Charging Cable
2 x 18350 Batteries
1 x Silicone Wax Container
1 x Dab Tool
1 x Pack of Alcohol Cleaning Wipes
1 x Portable Laser Line Edition Carrying Case

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