Fujima Soft Pipe Cleaner


Fujima Soft Pipe Cleaner

Vaping resins stick to the surfaces and they are hard to remove especially when we talk about vaporizers, there are hard unreachable areas and normal wash cannot remove such stickiness. the clogged vaporizers dysfunction and it hinders their optimal performance. Cleaning vaporizers is difficult and to reach to those sticky places, it requires some special equipment and cleaner. Fujima Soft Pipe Cleaner consists of Pipe Cleaning sticks that are made specifically for vape products cleaning and vaporizer pipe cleaning. Bristle cleaner with cotton surface to avoid scratches on your vaping products.

Clean ceramic vape chambers and give them a smooth new look by Fujima Soft Pipe Cleaner. It has easy to clean cotton sticks and it will keep your vape pipes cleaner and remove toxic and burnt materials from your vaporizer pipes. Keeping the delicacy of your vaporizers it will not cause scratches or lines or delicate vaping products. So you can buy it without any fear if you want to clean your vaporizer pipes smoothly. 


Extra absorbent cotton filter

Reaches all places of vaporizer pipes

Cleans sticky surfaces smoothly

Specifically for smooth and ceramic surfaces for keeping them clean and scratch-free

Removes resin deposits.

Each Package Includes

1 X 48 CT/PACK


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