Game Cigar Box 15X2 Cigarillos Per Pack


Game CIgar Box 15 pouches per Box with 30 Cigarillos in Each Box.
"First introduced in 2007, Game Cigarillos Red cigars immediately caught cigar smokers attention with their singular flavor. Made with the choicest tobacco leaves that are redolent with sweet overtones, these cigars are the ideal choice for a late night smoke with friends. To complement the taste and texture of the tobacco, these smokes are rolled in all natural wrappers—further enhancing the flavor profile. To maintain the ideal moisture levels and preserve the freshness of the cigars, the manufacturer packages these smokes in an airtight and compact package. Thanks to the slow burning nature of these cigarillos, they are the more suited for a long, relaxed smoke rather than a quick puff.
Enjoying your favorite cigarillos with the deep flavors of your favorite nightcap has never been easier than it is with Game Cigarillos Total Flavor Collection. The deep flavors a White Russian has to offer are beautifully infused into a perfected blend of internationally grown tobaccos to provide you with a flavor that is unmistakably smooth, luscious and creamy."

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