Game Leaf Tobacco Cigars Box 10 pouces


Game Cigars feature the finest blended tobaccos wrapped in natural leaf, perfectly sized and packaged in foil for the ultimate freshness. These Game cigarillos also come in a range of exciting flavors such as Cognac, Sweet Berry, and Natural - something enjoyable for everyone! It is available in a convenient Box 10 pouches of 2.High Quality Tobacco CIgars
Garcia y Vega Game Leaf White Russian is a rustic leaf cigar infused with the wildly popular white Russian flavor. These rolled leaf cigars are mild smokes with a rugged look made with a Sumatra leaf wrapper and premium natural tobacco fillers. The white Russian flavor is a mix of the essence of vodka and cream for a unique flavor and aroma. Garcia y Vega Game Leaf White Russian are cigarillo sized smokes packaged in foil packages to maintain freshness and portability.

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