High Hemp Wrap Box 25 Pack Box


High Hemp Wrap Box 25 Pack Box

High Hemp a leading company for making supreme quality wrap papers or commonly known as rolling papers with exceptional expertise in producing high-quality rolling papers for years. The wraps are made with premium quality hemp plants, which replicates the conventional joint-rolling paper but gives so much extra in terms of its natural and pure ingredients.

The High Hemp Organic Wraps is the pioneer Herbal Hemp Wrap, which specially made from the mature European hemp plant. these hemp plants are imported from the Netherlands and they are the best alternative to toxic ingredients that are used in conventional wrap papers today.


Smooth Taste

The smooth taste of  High Hemp rolling paper, as opposed to other bitter-tasting rolling papers, makes High Hemp a better alternative to those papers .

Slow Burning

Thes High Hemp Wrap offers even slower burning rate than the conventional rolling papers and it prolongs the consumption time vibrantly throughout the session.

Certified Organic

The patent-pending formula of High Hemp Rolling Paper is certified organic which is 100% tobacco-free, GMO-free and gluten-free rolling papers made with the best natural substances.

Purity at its Best

These joint-rolling Hemp papers are highly rated for their purity as it contains only natural substances and a very low dose of CBD which makes it first of its kind rolling papers in the market offering natural materials without any synthetic addition which in turn makes it a reliable and efficient for use.

Enjoy the best organic rolling papers to enjoy your joint sessions in a better way, the innovative idea for 100% organic papers is mind-blowing and unique, this is the first hemp plant-based rolling paper which offers purity at its best and tastes the best. These hemp based rolling papers come in a variety of fruity and original flavors to offer diversity while choosing your papers. All flavors are unique in their taste and make your sessions even more fun.

Quantity Measure

2 Wraps & 2 Tips Per Pouch Packet

25 Pouches Per Box


High Hemp Bare Berry
High Hemp Blazing Cherry
High Hemp Grapeape
High Hemp Honey Pot Swirl
High Hemp Maui Mango
High Hemp Organic

Each Package Contains

1X 25pouches of High Hemp Wrap Pouches

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