JOB 79mm Rolling Machine


Job 79mm Cigarette Rolling Machine

Like all JOB products, they're built strong and sold for cheap! The is also true for the JOB 79mm Cigarette Rolling Machine. Indeed, this roller is made from high-quality material and works flawlessly every time! So if you enjoy your tobacco on the go, without a filter of course, then this Hand-Rolling Cigarette Machine by JOB is perfect for you!

All in all, this 79mm Cigarette Machine is made for 1 ¼ Job papers! Okay, well you can use any 1 ¼ paper we suppose, but why not keep it classy? Besides, JOB Rolling Papers are high in quality, burn slowly, and cheaper than all their competitors. With that said, pick yours up today and start saving time, money, and the hassle of trying to roll a perfect cigarette!

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