Juice Roll Upz 60ml


APPLE - Green Apple fruit flavored eliquid enlightens an early morning experience of wake and vape. This delicious Vape juice truly captures the daily sense of crisp, delightful sweet green apples.

BLUE RASPBERRY - Fill you tank with this blue raspberry fruit flavored eliquid. This Juice Roll Uoz Original provides your vaping experience with a pure filling of juicy, savory sweet flavor punch of blue raspberries.

GRAPE - Invite yourself to a fresh flavored grape juice eliquid that will have your taste buds pushing you to the edge. Rejuvenating the industry, Juice Roll Upz presents Grape, a profound flavor of eliquid.

STRAWBERRY - Lather up your fruit flavored eliquid pallet with a Juice Roll Upz Original. Juice Roll Upz Strawberry is brewed to perfection, this strawberry eliquid accentuates a unique form of fruit flavor that one can't resist!

WATERMELON - Juice Roll Upz Watermelon mouth watering exhale will set you free. This deliciously fruity, refreshing watermelon fruit flavored eliquid delights your taste buds with its sweetness.

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