Khali Vapors Devils Punch Bowl 60ml


Khali Vapors Devils Punch Bowl 60ml

Khali Vapors Devil Punch Bowl ejuice is a deliciously flavored ejuice that has a unique outreach to add exotic flavors, blended to give a robust and blasting vaping taste flavor.

Khali Vapors Devil Punch Bowl is made from a blend of Asian Guava and Juicy Peaches to give an outstanding aroma flavor for vapes. Enjoy rich vape clouds and satisfying throat hits with the variation in Khali Vapors Devil Punch Bowl salts. 

There are two main types of flavors:

One is 0mg containing only enriched flavor of the most stigmatizing blend of their ejuice.

Second is 6mg containing 6mg nic salt ejuice content for perfect nicotine hits.

Khali Vapors tropical ejuice is considered the number one USA ejuice and variations are for all types of vapers. Beginner vapers ejuice with no nicotine content and it also acts as an anti smoking vape juice for smokers who want to quit their habit. Nic salt blended ejuice gives a more flavorful nicotine throat hit to vapers.

The delicious tart flavor ejuice energizes taste buds and mind with the exciting taste. Khali vapors Devil Punch Bowl leaves a satisfying vaping experience and Khali Vapors Devil Punch Bowl reviews are best from the customers. They enjoy the flavor equally with the satisfying throat hits and vape clouds. It is an American Eliquid brand that has marked its presence with this unique and tasteful Ejuice.

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60ml E-Liquid capacity Punch Bowl Flavored bottles
Robust Exciting Vape Ejuice
Uniform Vaping
2 variations 0mg and 6mg nic salt

Each Package Includes:

1X 60ml Khali Vapors Devil Punch Bowl Ejuice 


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