Optimo Natural Leaf Cigarillos 2 Cigars Per Pack


Single Packet Optimo Natural Leaf CIgarillo 2 Cigars Per Packet
Many have tried to imitate, but when it comes to Optimos Green Leaf Cigarillo, all have failed. Indeed, as most will agree, Optimo Greens are superior in flavor, class, and affordability! But then again, they’re a Swisher International brand, so quality is a given!

All in all, Optimo Green Leaf Cigarillos are smooth, slow-burning, and well-balanced. Made high-quality tobacco, these bad boys are rich in flavor and possess a distinctive taste that’ll never let you settle for less again! Wrapped to perfection with sweet Candela leaf, Optimo Green Cigarillos are both pleasing and aromatic!

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