Procana Disposable Vaporizer

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  • Classic OG:

    PROCANA introduced CBD infused vape pen with its many appealing flavors. If you want the original taste of CBD that is the taste of hemp of cannabis plant from which it is actually extracted then Classic OG is the flavor made for you. Classic OG gives the original taste of hemp when the CBD fog hits the taste buds of the vaper. You can have all the benefits of CBD including the originality as it comes in its genuine taste without any added flavors in it. This precharged disposable buttonless vaporizer is meant for you if you have the craving to try something in its natural way and the sweet-sour taste will give you the chills of the original plant.


  • Fresh Menthol:

    Whenever we think about something refreshing, mint comes to the mind instantly as it freshens up the breath and wakens up the mind. Well now, this refreshing mint flavor is available in Procana CBD vape pen as fresh menthol. You can have all the relaxation and smoothness of CBD by vaping the refreshing fresh menthol flavor and when the vape flavor hits the mouth you can feel the chilling and freshness of breath to the core of the lungs. If you are feeling a little dull or want to activate the brain cells then this flavor is meant for you. Procana labs introduced these ready to use sleek design buttonless vapes so that you can enjoy cbd on the go without any hassle.


  • Tangie:

    Life is all about colors and flavors, the sweet and the sour. Procana introduced the ripest flavor in the new cbd vape pen and named it as Tangie. Now you can enjoy the citrus flavor vaping cbd. This smooth buttonless vape is for you if you want some excitement of colorful flavors that will leave a pleasant and sour taste in the mouth at the instance of buds when hit by the tangie flavor. 200 mg of cbd will leave you relaxed and stress free with the added orange citrus in the vape. It has a long lasting 400 mAh pre-charged battery that can be used on the go after unpacking.


  • Smooth Vanilla:

    Vanilla is a flavor that is mostly liked by people because of its sweet taste and a pleasantly smooth smell that is why you can find vanilla flavor in almost everything that may not taste so good if vanilla is not added. Procana cbd vape pen is now also offered in the tasteful vanilla flavor. It is a simple to use vape which contains 200mg of cbd, buttonless sleek design and the most interesting fact about it is that it is precharged and disposable so you consume it once wholly there will be no hassle of recharging or filling the ejuice. Its 400 mAh battery is long lasting and you can enjoy the vanilla with all the benefits of cbd in it.

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