Randys Tapered Bristle Pipe Cleaner


Randy's Tapered Bristle Pipe Cleaner

Most people are concerned about the question of how to clean a vape or how to keep the vaporizer clean? Disinfecting vaporizer requires high diligence and it is crucial for optimal vaping experience. Vaporizer clogged pipes need continuous cleaning and it is difficult to clean the small pipes effectively. There are some hard places that are difficult to reach and they remain clogged with waste material. Vapers buy new vaporizers despite they can clean and make it a new one. Randy's world top-notch vaporizer cleaning products have introduced a number of new products to solve the difficult vaporizer cleaning problems. Randy's Tapered Bristle Pipe Cleaner is introduced as a unique approach to clean the hard parts of your vapes. it is the best vaporizer pipe cleaning product with natural unbleached cotton for maximum toxin removal.

This Tapered Bristle Pipe Cleaner has long sticks can move to any place curve straight or round. Give a few cleaning jolts and your vaporizer cleansed into a new one. Get your bundle of vape cleaning sticks and keep your vaporizers clean.


Randy’s Bristle Pipe Cleaner Bundle

6 Inches long sticks for reaching every portion of the vaping products

48 per bundle

100% Unbleached Cotton

Tapered for easy cleaning

Bristle wire style deep vaporizer cleansing

Heavy Duty vape products cleaner

Each Package Includes:

1X 48 Sticks Bundle of Randy's Bristle Pipe Cleaner

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